TVx3 E038: What We Actually Did at Comic Con 2009

This week we are talking about all that the 2009 San Diego Comic Con had to offer TV-wise and what we got to see and do there. Amrie and Rae are veterans of multiple Comic Cons, but this was the first for Jason. In this episode we talk about our highlights, a few lowlights and even a regret or two. Find out who we met, who we almost met, what panels we attended, what pressrooms we were in, what parties we attended, and much more.

Also, here is a little proof that we were all actually in the same place.

Rae, Jason & Amrie at Comic Con 2009
Rae, Jason & Amrie at Comic Con 2009

But, first we chatted about a few news items including some recent show renewals, NBC shuffling execs, Paula Abdul, and a Curb Your Enthusiasm Seinfeld reunion.

After covering our news and topic, we talked a bit about Drop Dead Diva, 10 Things I Hate About You, Dark Blue, So You Think You Can Dance, and Burn Notice.

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So, on the next episode we will be talking about movie and books we'd like to see as a TV show and TV shows we'd like to see as a movie or book. Got any suggestions? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but to answer your other twitter requests:

    Books->TV Shows:
    “Yes Man” (yeah, I know they already made it into a movie), but Danny Wallace’s other books could be interesting TV Shows as well (couldwork for either reality or scripted):
    “Friends Like These” – tracks down his best friends from when he was little
    “Join Me” – Walks around with a sign asking people to join him (they don’t know what they are joining)
    Other books-> movies, I would love to see Michael Chrichton’s “Timeline” redone as a limited TV event. The movie didn’t do justice to the book.

    Movies->TV Shows:
    First thing that popped into my mind was “Ferris Bueller”…and then I remembered πŸ™‚
    Will need to think about this one some more.

    For TV Shows->TV Shows
    How about a Mission Impossible reboot? We haven’t had a new one in 20 years.

  2. I just wanted to say 2 things… 1 I love your podcast… you are all very funny and I truly enjoy the time when I plug out to the world and I plug you guys in. Okay now suggestions for Tv Shows. I loved THE HOST by Stephanie Meyer (the Twilight author). She wrote this great book that gets no recognition. This is from Wikipedia… “The main character, Wanderer, believes she’s being stalked by the Seeker β€” and also hears a voice in her head that she calls Melanie. But put away your psych textbook. Just because Wanderer is paranoid doesn’t mean she’s not in a sci-fi novel.

    The Host is Meyer’s first detour from the love-struck, best-selling teen-vampire novels that have launched a million daydreams and doodles. A race of alien souls has nested in the brains of most humans and erased their consciousness. But Melanie will not go gently. She convinces Wanderer to trek into the desert, where her true love, Jared, and her brother, Jamie, live with other survivors in underground caverns. When Wanderer tracks them down, she falls for Jared too β€” which makes Melanie one jealous psyche.” It would make a great TV show.
    Okay, off to make dinner… my kids “got to eat!”

  3. ^ I agree with Kyle about Timeline. Maybe a 13 week thing that really sticks more to the actual book and not the crap that was the movie would be so cool!

    Book to TV – JD Robb’s Death series. Love them and it could be mystery of the week plud excellent characters show. Uses the characters and there you have a great procedural, set in the near future and the opportunity to cast some hotties on a weekly TV show!

    Suzanne Brockmann also has a recurring cast of characters that could be used in a TV series about FBI/Seal guys ect that could work on USA maybe.

    Amrie’s Keifer story was great!

    Shut up about Ruby and the Rockits! While not really good I love that Shaun Cassidy is back writing for TV even if it is crap.

    Now, Drop Dead Diva. – here’s my take on Deb and Jane and the weight. I think it is working around to showing how any woman comes to love herself no matter what her weight. Deb moves a little closer to liking herself (Jane) each week. I think Deb is learning that you can’t judge people by what they show to the world (re her mom & dad) not to mention remember that Deb is 24 and everyone knows how shallow 24 YO’s are! I really am looking forward to seeing how this show progresses.

    This is too long now. I will try and think of more.

    PS I gave up on Dark Blue. Dislike it immensely.

  4. Gabriela, I agree, The Host would be a great TV show. Maybe after OTH and Supernatural are over Sophia and Jensen will do this!

  5. Hey guys, okay i haven’t listened to the show yet but i will soon.

    I have a suggestion then i will talk about books on t.v.

    My topic suggestion:

    How do you decide what shows to drop? With the school year approaching and many of us having less and less time to watch all of our favorite shows how do you decide what shows don’t make the cut?

    I am having a very hard time deciding what shows are ‘MUST SEE’ and what shows I will survive without seeing for just a little while. (Part of me thinks this whole ‘fall’ tv season thing is a conspiracy by the execs to cause mass frustration to viewers who have to study -.-)

    Anyways onto books made into t.v. shows, while i love book to tv show adaptations, they very rarely are faithful to the books, and most of the time i don’t really mind it, but sometimes it really just bugs me.

    A good example of that would be the upcoming show on the CW, Vampire Diaries, I got all hyped up to see it, i read all 5 books that are out so far, and then i went back and watched the trailer and i kept saying “WHAT???????”

    I do understand why they have to change the storylines around, and the timing of things to better fit a t.v. series, but if you are going to take the heart, and soul out of the book series in the adaptation why not just have the series be similar to the book series, or maybe be ‘based on’ but not titled the same thing. (Dresden Files i’m looking at you)

    Anyways really looking forward to listening to this show and probably the next episode lol.

    Take care, and CHECK OUT Packed to the rafters soon! (Yes i am going to keep pimping that show until someone on this podcast watches it! LOL)

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