TVx3 E046: TV Pet Peeves

Sorry for the delay, but this episode turned out to be the longest to record and then the longest delayed, because of technical difficulties while recording, which took place over multiple days. Not only that, but it turned out to be a pretty long episode as well. Also, sets visits and other things kept delaying the editing, but it is done now. So, enjoy!

In this episode, we talk about some of our TV pet peeves.

But, first we chatted about a few news items: TBS canceling The Bill Engvall Show, Jennifer Morrison leaving FOX's House, The CW ordering more scripts for The Vampire Diaries and Melrose Place, Heather Locklear returning to Melrose Place, FOX picking up Glee for the entire season, CBS swapping the first and second episodes of Three Rivers, The CW canceling The Beautiful Life: TBL, and ABC's V only running for four episode this fall and coming back in the spring.

After covering our news and topic, we talked a bit about the S.2 premiere of Fringe, the S.5 premiere of How I Met Your Mother, the S.3 premiere of The Big Bang Theory, Greek S.3 Ep.4, Glee S.1 Ep.4, Supernatural S.5 Ep.3, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S.5 Ep.2, and Psych S.4 Ep.7.

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In the next episode we go sans topic and extend the number of shows we talk about in the Primetime Wrap-up segment.

Show Notes


  1. Loved the Coming Soon/Primetime “spoilers”.
    Listening to Amrie’s comments about the teeth brushing reminded me of an in-program peeve–the magical/useless shave. The scene is always the same–guy is in front of bathroom mirror shaving, he has shaved half his face. The doorbell/phone rings, so he grabs a towel, wipes off the rest of the shaving cream from his face and magically he is fully shaven. For once I’d like to see them have this character spend the rest of his day with only half his face shaved. 🙂

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