TVx3 E049: The Amazing Greek Castle Dollhouse Community

First we chatted about a few news items: NBC canceling Trauma, yet adding to the original order of Chuck and picking up Community, Parks and Recreation and Mercy for the season, ABC giving Scrubs and Better off Ted premiere dates in December, FOX moving ‘Til Death to Sundays in January, Bravo launching a new spinoff to the Top Chef series with Top Chef: Just Desserts, Benjamin Bratt will reprise his role on one episode of NBC's Law & Order and will play Manny's delinquent dad on ABC's Modern Family, The CW's Melrose Place has sent Ashley Simpson Wentz and Collin Egglesfield packing and Heather Locklear joining the cast in November, FOX has pulled Glee episodes until December, and The CW has picked up The Vampire Diaries for the season and added five more episodes to Melrose Place.

After covering some news, we talked a bit about Dollhouse, The Amazing Race, Greek, Castle, Modern Family, Community, The Office, Supernatural, and So You Think You Can Dance.

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Show Notes


  1. To prove Rae right, Re: Amazing Race, I found the teams sitting around joking about what happened to Mika and Canaan to be anything but ugly. I think it was just the way the previous episode was so caught up in that competitive space that it proved tough to watch for me.

    It’s one of those situations where, if there had been less focus on Mika’s behaviour ahead of time, I could have been caught up in the tension. But there was too much of Canaan’s physical manipulation (that’s what I’m calling it now) for me to see that final moment as exciting instead of uglier than I want the Race to be. There have been footraces before, and tense final tasks that create a lot of tension, but none of them have been so tough to watch.

    Hoping for epicness for the momentous 50th podcast.

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