Got Any Questions For Us? We’re Doing a Listener Q&A on Ep.140

On Episode 140, which we will be recording on Monday afternoon, June 18th, Amrie, Jason and Rae will be answering your questions. It’s been awhile since we’ve done a listener Q&A segment and we’d love to hear from you.

Got questions about…

  • shows from the past TV season that we didn’t cover?
  • any Summer 2012 TV shows?
  • the new shows for Fall 2012?
  • any other TV topics?
  • anything else?

Send your us questions via the comments section on this post, email, Facebook, @TVtimesThree or leave a voice message by clicking the button on the right side of screen at the website.


  1. – Besides, obviously, Hang Time, what other shows do you wish we’re available on DVD?
    – Does Jason watch any reality shows?
    – (may be too early) what tv shows are you most looking forward to at SDCC?
    – any older shows you missed when they aired and just recently discovered on DVD/online?
    – any cool web series you watch/recommend?
    – now that you’ve seen some of the fall/midseason shows, any you’re looking forward to? Any that you completely changed opinion on after seeing pilot?
    – any random/obscure shows you’re watching that never get talked about on the podcast?

    That’s all I can think of right now 🙂

  2. Here’s a few more that I came up with 🙂

    – We all have our guilty pleasures, but what TV show did you start watching and have grown to regret, and why? (EX: Amrie I’m sure will say “The KILLING” )

    -What is ONE Tv Series you wish WOULD get a reboot and one tv show you PRAY DOESN’T get one?

    – What do you expect to be the first show canceled this fall?

    -Was there a show from the last season that you wished had continued on? Why?

    -What did you guys think about the Dallas pilot?

    – Will you guys be doing another Q&A soon!????

  3. How does the onscreen chemistry between actors affect your viewing experience of a TV show? Does it? Has it ever made you want to tune in or tune out of a TV show? For example, I love “Scandal” and while the central romance between Fitz and Olivia should(would normally) have me rolling my eyes, it doesn’t because of the out-of-this-world chemistry between Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn. Similarly, it should frustrate and confound me that every single character on “Happy Endings” throws around zingers like a practicing stand-up comic, yet again it doesn’t, thanks to the fantastic interplay between the “Happy Endings” cast.

    I love listener Q & A segments, so thanks!

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