TVx3 E050: A Coughin’ Good Time

This being our 50th episode, instead of going big, we actually ended up going small. We didn't setout to do either, but this ended up being one of our shorter episodes. But, that was probably a good thing, since Rae was battling a cough, Amrie couldn't wait to go eat (*edited by Am to add: homemade cheesesteaks at my parents' house!), and I messed up and we had to re-record the first 15 minutes of the podcast.

First we chatted about a few news items: CBS cutting the order for Numb3rs episodes this season, yet adding to the original order of Accidentally on Purpose, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin co-hosting the The Oscars, Gordon Ramsay bringing yet another cooking show to FOX with Master Chef, and David Tennant, star of Doctor Who, to star in a new legal dramedy for NBC.

After covering the news, we broke out a little mini topic. We went around and each gave a new show we thought we would like, but didn't, a returning show that we have stopped watching this season, and a new show we didn't think we would like, but do. What are yours?

Lastly, we talked a bit about The Amazing Race, the third season fall finale of Greek, The Big Bang Theory, So You Think You Can Dance, the “Pilot” episode of V, Modern Family, and Supernatural with all the TV show spoofs.

If you've got thoughts on past episodes, this episode, have a topic suggestion, a show you'd like us to cover, or question for us, use the SnapVine widget in the right column, leave a comment below, email us, or connect via Twitter.

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