TVx3 E075: What We Did This Summer – 2010

We're finally back with a new episode of TV times Three. It's been a few weeks, so we decided to come back with a bit of an extended episode and tell you about the adventures we had this summer. Kind of like back in grade school on the first day of school when everyone would go around the room and say what they did on their summer vacation.

We started things off with a couple of TV related news items including TBS ordering more episodes of Are We There Yet? and Syfy picking up the third season of Merlin.

Next, we talked about what we did this summer, which included going to Comic-Con 2010 and some set visits. Plus, we discussed a few of our favorite summer shows, which included The Glades, Eureka, Psych and many others.

Lastly, in our Primetime segment, we talked about the winners of The Next Food Network Star S.6 and So You Think You Can Dance S.7. We also talked a bit about the series premiere of Melissa & Joey, Weeds S.6, and the series premiere of The Big C.

So, what did you do this summer? What summer shows have you been enjoying? Let us know in the comments, send us an email, or connect via Twitter.

Show Notes


  1. I missed you guys! Not that I don’t know everything you do via Twitter but the podcast part. I missed it.

    So I am almost caught up with True Blood in time to have to wait a year for S4. Almost done with S2 of my Supernatural rewatch which it killing me as it means more now that they are done with the devil. Or whatever.

    I am enjoying The Big C and have Melissa and Joey on the DVR. I LOVE the Glades. It makes for a happy summer show. Actually, the USA boys of summer have been really good this year. Summer went by do fast! New shows start next week and summer shows are ending! My DVR will be crazy full again soon!

    I know you have already recorded the next podcast and I hope it is up soon! I have my list of must watch new shows nut it’s short. Hawaii 50, Lonestar. Did ANTM already start? I feel so out of the loop! Help me TV Times Three!

  2. To continue our conversation from the podcast….I would have loved to meet Aaron Douglas (for BSG, not The Bridge)–especially after the craziness that ensued when I left you. The shuttle driver had said the last shuttle back to the Mission Valley hotels was at 11pm, so I left at 10:45 to make sure I’d get there in time–but turns out the last shuttle was at 10. However, the trolly was supposed to have extended hours until midnight, so I headed over there. At 11, the trolly parked itself off the track with Out of Service, which got everyone nervous. I decided to wait it out, however all if the signs were in Klingon so I had no idea which line I was supposed to take. After some time on the phone with my hotel, I got the info. Once the train finally moved, I hopped on, but in my joy to see a trolly, I got on the wrong line, realizing this at 11:45 after a few stops–and there was no way I was going to loop before the trains stopped at midnight. Seeing homeless people on the streets at the darkened stops didn’t reassure me as to when I should get off. Decided to hop off where it met the blue line and hope for a taxi–fortunately there were two hanging around close to the platform. So a $4 trolly and $20 taxi ride later I finally got back to my hotel some time after 12:30. So in short, yeah I would rather have stayed at the shindig and just taken the taxi anyway. 🙂 Next year I’ll know better–and hopefully get a closer hotel.

  3. Patty, Better to be missed than forgotten, so thank you. As for ANTM, it returns Sept. 8th, which is just one of the things we covered in the next podcast. It will be out next week. Ep.76 is part one of our three part Fall Preview episodes and covers cable and The CW. Ep.77 will cover FOX and NBC and Ep.78 will cover ABC and CBS. We will have are list of which new shows are worth watching and which ones are not.

    Kyle, Getting a closer hotel is the lesson I learned my first trip down to Comic-Con. Too many complications can ensue when its far away, but getting your tickets at such a late date, you didn’t really have any choice.

  4. I forgot to comment about shows filmed where you know the area – KILLS me! It was cool when Prison Break filmed here because, you know, it was “America”. But Good Guys is set in Dallas and they even use real street and highway names and I LOVE that they never into ANY traffic. Because, where they are? Super traffic. So, yeah, stuff is definitely not shot “to scale”!

  5. Your back! ABOUT TIME! Man I missed hearing you guys! Even if you renamed the podcast to “rambles times three” Or “Amrie’s sing along song podcast featuring Jason and Rae” I would listen! oooooooooor “Winnie the poo, you can laugh to by Amrie/Rae/Jason!” LOL you know i love you guys!

    Anyways TV show wise, I have to agree about Melissa and Joey, I know its cheesy and kinda bad, but at the same time I cannot help but love it…and i think that has to do with Sabrina the Teenage Witch being the lead.

    Other then that i cannot wait to listen to episode 76 and hear whats coming up!

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