TVx3 E080: Amazing Modern Glee Guys Chuck Your Unexpected Cougar

We start the episode off with some TV related news, moved on to our TV on DVD spotlight, and then we discussed eight shows from last week in our Primetime segment.

TV Show News

Here are the TV news stories we covered:

TV on DVD Spotlight

Our TV show on DVD picks from sets being released on Oct. 5th, 2010:


Shows discussed are from the week of Monday, Sept. 20th thru Sunday, Sept. 26th, 2010:

  • Chuck – S.4 Premiere, “Chuck Versus the Anniversary”
  • How I Met Your Mother – S.6 Premiere, “Big Days”
  • Glee – S.2 Premiere, “Audition”
  • Life Unexpected – S.2 Ep.2, “Parents Unemployed”
  • Modern Family – S.2 Premiere, “The Old Wagon”
  • Cougar Town – S.2 Premiere, “All Mixed Up”
  • The Good Guys – S.1 Ep.10, “Vacation”
  • The Amazing Race – S.17 Premiere, “They Don't Call It the Amazing Race for Nothin'!”

So, any upcoming TV on DVD releases that look good to you this week? What did you think about Chuck or any of the other season premieres we discussed this week? Do you think that Cougar Town is funny? Let us know in the comments, send us an email, connect via Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. As for the Ally McBeal season 3-5 DVD releases, they had only released seasons 1 and 2 separately (in addition to the complete series box set), so they are releasing 3-5 separately for those buying them one season at a time. I keep meaning to go back and watch this show–I remember watching the first season when it originally aired, but I don’t think I ever saw beyond that.

  2. I bought the whole Ally McBeal box set when it came out. I remember I loved this show when it was on and it always made me cry. Or most of the time is made me cry. I’ll get around to rewatching it someday.

    I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the boring (IMO) 17.2 ep of TAR. They used all the “challenge” in ep 1! Why no physical challenge?

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