TVx3 E083: Thoughts on the Fall 2010 TV Season

We are back after a few weeks of various things getting in the way of being able to schedule a time when all three of us could record. We start the episode off with four TV related news items, then talked about the Fall TV season in a roundtable segment, and lastly we discussed six shows from the fall in our Primetime segment.

TV Show News

Here are the TV news stories we covered:

Five Question Roundtable – Thoughts on the Fall TV Season 2010

Here are the five questions we each answered about the season so far:

  • What is the best new show of the fall season?
  • What new show is still on that you thought would've been canceled by now?
  • What new fall show did you like in the beginning, but gave up on after a few episodes?
  • What returning shows have you dropped this fall?
  • What low rated, but shouldn't be, returning or new show do you think people should give another chance?


Since we hadn't recorded in a few weeks, we covered the seasons in general for the shows listed below:

  • The Amazing Race – S.17
  • Chuck – S.4
  • Glee – S.2
  • Sons of Anarchy – S.3 Ep.13, “NS” – Season Finale
  • Psych – S.5 Ep.11, “In Plain Fright”
  • The Good Guys – S.1

So, how would you answer the five questions above about the 2010 Fall TV Season? What did you think about the Sons of Anarchy S.3 finale? Do you think that Chuck has been consistently good so far this season? Let us know in the comments, send us an email, connect via Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.

We will be answering your questions in Ep.84, so send them in via the methods mentioned above by the morning of Monday, December 6th and we'll answer as many of them as we can. Looking forward to hearing from you.



    I really liked the S3 finale of SoA–a great finale to a rather poor season (didn’t care for the long drawn out Ireland arc). I know I shouldn’t be happy about murder–but loved seeing that FBI agent get her due!
    As for Chuck, I’ve been enjoying this season and the latest episode was particularly great–Timothy Dalton gave some excellent comic relief, hearing “Sarah Connor” say THE line was wonderful–and cool Die Hard refs.
    As for TAR, the tattoo team NEEDS to go–especially after they just gave up last week–they don’t deserve a second chance!

    My responses to the questions you answered:
    • Best New Show: Sitcom: Outsourced, Drama: No Ordinary Family, Dramedy: The Good Guys
    • Surprised Not Cancelled: Hellcats
    • New Show I Gave Up On: Rubicon, Boardwalk Empire
    • Dropped Returning Show: Haven’t watched any of Mentalist S3, hope to catch up
    • Give Another Chance: Running Wilde, The Good Guys

    Also, show I was surprised I liked but expected to hate: Raising Hope

  2. Hiya!
    Best new show of this fall? I didn’t like much of anything. The only thing I am still watching weekly is Hawaii 50 and that’s for eye candy!
    What should be cancelled by now? Hellcats. Outsourced. Shit my dad says. Bleck. Hate all of them!
    Liked but gave up on – Blue Bloods. It’s a fine show. I don’t not like it. I just don’t love it and I am turning into Rae,. if I don’t want to watch it I am not bitching, I am just not watching!
    Returning shows I have dropped? How much time do you have? LUX, Chuck, Parenthood. I am sure there are more. Survivor as soon as they kicked of Jimmy J. I am sure I will catch back up on Chuck on DVD
    Give another chance – Caprica. But only because SyFy kept moving it around and moving the dates and I think it lost focus.
    I thought TAR has been pretty darn good this season. A couple of teams I hated but I think i will be happy with any of the top 3 (or who I think should be top 3) I have come to terms with Glee I think. It’s fun to watch and then it’s over and that’s how I like it.

    Questions: With the Amazon DVD blowout of the past couple of weeks, is there anything you are planning to watch over the holidays? I am obviously stockpiling DVDs for when I have that full body reconstruction surgery and have to spend 3 months not moving.

  3. and what’s with this news about Cory Monteith getting a development deal with Fox 2000? Is he really that great? I mean, I only know him from Glee and the one little part in an epi of Supernatural.

  4. Best new show of the fall is a toss-up between Raising Hope and Terriers for me. Both shows are built around awesome, natural chemistry, instant self-awareness (each knew exactly the type of show it was from the first second and I really respect that), and portraying real people instead of the extremities you usually see on TV. I also really enjoy Nikita, Outsourced (I promise, watch more than the pilot and you’ll see how much the show’s grown), The Walking Dead, and Boardwalk Empire.

    I figured Chase would have been canceled by now, too. I know NBC has gone to pot in the last few years, but it’s still getting pathetic ratings, zero critical buzz, and it’s doing way more damage to have it on than it is to take the publicity hit and cancel it. Its order just got cut today, so I think its days are numbered.

    I gave up on Better With You after 3-4 episodes. As much as I love Joanna Garcia, Debra Jo Rupp, and gawking at Jake Lacey, it was painful to watch. It’s just a really stale CBS-ish comedy that doesn’t fit with the other ABC comedies; I like a good throwback show every now and then, but if they’re this obvious and boring, no thanks. I gave up on The Big C, as well, because I thought it was just one long chick flick cliche. It could have been a really powerful testament to living your life in the now and really appreciating your time here, but it went to the “Laura Linney does something zany and out of character without the slightest hint of remorse” well a little too much for me. When I heard there was going to be a cancer comedy on Showtime, I thought it would be this ballsy, emotional little comedy, but I ended up despising the character I was supposed to root for. Both shows had good enough pilots, but my interest level and the quality of the writing sank like a rock within a few episodes. I’m close to dropping No Ordinary Family because it has no identity. It’s not a good family show, not a good superhero show, and there’s too many plotholes for it to be worth the extra hour a week. Free Autumn Reeser!

    In terms of returning shows, I’ve only given up on Sons of Anarchy (I just didn’t care anymore whether Jax got his son back because he’s an awful human being, the Ireland stuff was ludicrous and way too drawn out, and the first 6-7 episodes went absolutely nowhere), which made me sad because the first two seasons were quite riveting. I’ve been close to giving up on Community (so sick of meta/pop culture stuff and parodies — Modern Warfare was awesome but it was awesome in how unexpected and flawlessly executed it was, not because of DUDE THEY REFERENCE ACTION FLICKS), Modern Family (I only like Phil, Hayley, and Alex — everyone else is so broadly written, so stereotypical in their actions and thoughts that it’s just not that interesting. Plus the “lessons in the end” are too gushy for me), and LUX (it’s gotten too soapy and I can’t stand Lux), but I’m still with all three.

    Since Terriers has finished, I’d say people should be watching The League. It’s Always Sunny is, of course, hilarious, but The League has been one of the funniest shows on television. It’s kind of like Friday Night Lights in that you don’t have to like football in order to understand it, but if you like football, it’s that much funnier. Great chemistry between the leads and it’s one of those shows that just delights in being raunchy. It’s smart comedy without having to bash you over the head with how smart it thinks it is (*cough* Community) and it’s just a 30 minute good time.

    What shows have you almost dropped but are sticking with for now? What shows do you love that everybody else seems to hate? What’s the best night of TV and worst night of TV (minus Friday-Saturday) during the week?

  5. Okay this is quick because I am dealing with Finals so yay…ugh.

    Glad you guys are back I really missed you guys.

    MY only question (Because well its finals) are there any shows you guys are going to try and watch on DVD over the winter break? I checked out The West Wing and I loved the first disc, but there are so many other shows i have to watch that I don’t think I will be picking it up just yet.

    Anyways can’t wati till next episode! Take care.

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