TVx3 E084: You Asked, We Answered

It's a new year and finally a new podcast. In this episode we answered your questions that were sent in via comments, eMail, Facebook, and Twitter.

TV Show News

Here are the TV news stories we covered:

Listener Mail Q&A

Here are the 10 questions we each answered from your submissions:

  • I'm curious what everyone's opinion is on this article about showrunners fighting back on Twitter?
  • How did each of you come to start being a TV critic and do you have to join an organization to be eligible for screeners, press passes, etcetera?
  • What are your favorite shows you like to rewatch?
  • Do you follow any web series? Amrie: Backwash – Jason: None – Rae: High Drama
  • What was your most memorable set visit and why?
  • What shows do you think are overrated shows?
  • What about underrated and overrated actors?
  • You all don't talk about Criminal Minds much and I was wondering why?
  • Which character would you save from a canceled/cut show and which show would you add them to?
  • What, if any, TV shows on DVD are you planning to watch/catch-up with over the holiday break?


We talked about the following five shows:

  • The Amazing Race – S.17 Ep.11, “I'm Surrounded by Ninjas – Leg 11”
  • Dexter – S.5
  • Chuck – S.4 Ep.10, “Chuck Versus the Leftovers”
  • Glee – S.2 Ep.9, “Special Education”
  • Psych – S.5 Ep.12, “Dual Spires”

So, how would you answer some of the questions above? What did you think about the Dexter S.5? Do you think that Psych was as consistently good during S.5 as we do? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. Huzzah–so happy to have you back on my iPhone after a month hiatus!

    As for overrated actors, I’m shocked no one mentioned CBS’ pet project Alex O! (I actually enjoyed his prior 2 shows more than Hawaii Five-O, but it looks like this one may be sticking around.)

    As for answering my own question…while not officially canceled, how about putting Dan Stark in his 80s heyday as a guest for an episode of Glory Daze. Or perhaps save the nerdy Marshall-like tech Bill Hoyt from Undercovers and put him on Chuck (I already hear Rae screaming)–he could transfer to the NSA and become Beckman’s assistant. On a side note, I wonder if Undercovers failed because JJ tried to substitute an alternate Grunberg into the cast.

    As for marathoning/rewatching over the holiday break, I went overboard. I managed to rewatch The Mentalist S2, V S1 (it was so much better the second time around) and Shameless (UK) seasons 1 & 2 (I am so excited for the US show–but maybe that’s a comment for ep 85).
    I also managed to get caught up on pretty much the entire latest seasons of Nikita (such a good mid-season finale) and The Mentalist. My DVRs/HTPC have so much free space now…ready to bring on the mid-season.

    For shows that I could rewatch any time, I would have to say Family Guy, The Simpsons, Futurama and a lot of sitcoms–the ones Jason mentioned as well as things like Still Standing, Malcolm in the Middle and newer stuff like The Middle, Modern Family, Better Off Ted.
    For 1-hour dramas that have story arcs, I would really need to carve out time to re-watch the entire season. I really want to re-watch all of Dexter again as well as Alias from the beginning. Amrie mentioned The Shield–I’d like to re-watch that at some point and see the final 2 seasons for the first time.

    Really enjoyed this latest season of Dexter–it finally broke the odd season curse (the odd seasons have typically been my least favorite–especially season 3!).

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the new mid-season shows in the next episode.

  2. How did I not comment on this?
    I have been rewatching/catching up on Rescue me. But now that my DVR is cranking up again, not sure how far I will get.
    You know I have to say Jensen Ackles is underrated. I swear he would be great on the big screen in something actually written well (not some horror flick although he actually makes the two he was in watchable) Over rated? Can I say over rated show? Desperate Housewives jumps to mind. Boardwalk Empire. I have tried to watch both and just…hate them.
    Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the new Showtime shows Episodes (I am withholding judgement at this time) and Shameless (LOVE)
    When are you guys getting back on the podcasting bandwagon?

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