TVx3 E087: The Unexplored Territory of Won’t They

On this episode Joe from, where they are “Building Better Geeks,” joined us to talk some TV. You can also find him on Twitter @popculturezoo.



We talked about the following nine shows:

  • Californication – S.4 Ep.4, “Monkey Business”
  • Episodes – S.4 Ep.4, “Episode Four”
  • Chuck – S.4 Ep.12, “Chuck Versus the Gobbler”
  • Southland – S.3 Ep.4, “Code 4”
  • White Collar – S.2 Ep.11, “Forging Bonds”
  • Blue Bloods – S.1 Ep.12, “Family Ties”
  • The Vampire Diaries – S.2 Ep.12, “The Descent”
  • Park & Recreation – S.3 Ep.2, “The Flu”
  • Fringe – S.2 Ep.11, “Reciprocity

Have you been watching Californication or Episodes? What did you think about the White Collar flashback episode? Do you think that Blue Bloods is as good as Joe does? What did you think of this week's guest? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. Episodes is hilarious–it is perfectly timed with 3 new UK remakes currently on the air (and 1 more coming soon to IFC).

    Amrie mentioned the Eric Balfour/Buffy title sequence thing. This reminds me of the premiere episode of the original CSI. I was completely shocked when they killed off the new recruit in the first episode. It was surprising because you didn’t know yet who were the main cast and you just assumed it was going to follow this new CSI as she learned the job. That is one great benefit of going into a show without any behind-the-scenes/casting knowledge.

    As for Blue Bloods, it is one of the shows I enjoy when I watch it, but I tend to let it pile up (currently have the last 3 episodes sitting on my TiVo).

    Totally agree with Amrie on The Vampire Diaries…I should just stop watching it (like I did early on with Pretty Little Liars). I have no idea why I even continue to watch it–most of the time I tend to leave it on the background, and miss half of the plot.

    I definitely fall into the Jason category of watching too much stuff–I need to get more selective with what I watch, but the DVR and internet make it too easy to not have to choose between shows!

    Joe was a great guest host–knowledgeable and entertaining.

  2. Ok comment try #2.
    I thought Joe was great. Guest stars are fun! (Although I miss Rae)
    I LOVE that you guys love White Collar as much as I do! It’s just a fun show with pretty people and some laughs. I don’t like Kate either but I bet we see her one more time when we find out she was conning Neal the whole time. And no love for Peter’s mustache?
    Sad you are not feeling TVD. I love that Caroline is my favorite character. They have taken what could have been just an really annoying character and made her someone I root for ever week. Now if they would just kill off Bonnie I would be totally happy.
    I liked the first couple of episodes of Blue Bloods but just lost interest. I don’t know if it’s because it’s on Friday’s and after Supernatural I am just not in the mood? Not that that’s an excuse since I was DVRing it. But it would just sit there. I guess I should check it out on demand.
    I have relegated Fringe to DVD and I might just have to watch Southland the same way. Although I still need to watch Lost. I am really trying to read more.

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