TVx3 E092: The One With the Greek Finale Love

This week @raelee is back for her monthly appearance.

TV Show News

We talked about the following stories this week:


We talked about the following five shows:

  • Greek – S.4 Ep.10, “Legacy” (Series Finale)
  • The Amazing Race – S.18
  • Chuck – S.4 Ep.17, “Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil” & Ep.18, “Chuck Versus the A-Team”
  • Glee – S.2 Ep.16, “Original Song”
  • Top Chef – S.8

What did you think of the Greek series finale? Are you still watching Chuch? What did you think about the original songs on Glee? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. Funny story about that Top Chef Shout out – both me and another lady here at work listen to your podcast and I walked by and she said “they’re talking about you!” . I had totally forgotten that tweet and now that Top Chef is done? I don’t care. I am so not down with the crazy challenges at the end. It’s fun in the beginning but by the end it needs to be about the food. Fine, give them something gross to cook with or make the quickfire something crazy but the elimination challenge needs to be FOOD!
    Amazing Race tis amazing this season! I love it! The best is that it seems to just be hard this season. “You are team number 1 but you are still racing!” I love Phil. If I ever meet him, I will make him say “spa” for me.
    I love Being Human and can’t wait 9 months for it to come back. Same with Shameless. Heartbreaking. I don’t care if they are the same as the UK shows, I like cute American boys on my shows. Unless it’s Coupling. Then I like Jeff.
    Ok, on to next podcast.

  2. And I am not watching Chuck.. I will probably watch it on DVD over the summer. Also, Monday’s were crazy so I am behind on this last chunk of Greek. I am sure I will watch that on demand or on DVD too. Soon.
    I might still love Glee if there was no Matthew Morrison. Yuck. I FF through all his scenes.

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