TVx3 E093: The Modern Fringe Community Code Office

This week Daniel from joined us to talk about the week in TV. You can also find him on Twitter @theTVaddict.

TV Show News

We talked about the following stories this week:

TV on DVD Picks

Our picks for TV on DVD sets being released Tuesday, April 5th:


We talked about the following seven shows from the week of Monday, March 21st to Sunday, March 27th:

  • The Chicago Code – S.1 Ep.7, “Black Hand and the Shotgun Man”
  • Castle – S.3 Ep.18, “One Life to Lose”
  • The Good Wife – S.2 Ep.17, “Ham Sandwich”
  • Modern Family – S.2 Ep.18, “Boys' Night”
  • Community – S.2 Ep.19, “Critical Film Studies”
  • The Office – S.7 Ep.19, “Garage Sale”
  • Fringe – S.3 Ep.18, “Bloodline”

What did you think of the The Good Wife this week? Are you watching Fringe? What did you think about the proposal on The Office? What did you think of this week's guest? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. TV is Fun I don’t liketo much reatly tv Talk . I love Danceing with the stars and Theother musice ones. I love the good Wife and I love The othe Casle. So And I love David Caruso. So I love tv But Not To much I love Sports Tennis Basketball and Most Things. Thanks JJ the Next I Hope Friend to you all.

  2. Hey Daniel!
    Amrie, I will totally be inhaling FNL next week too! I am so excited! While I know just a teeny bit about the finale (well, because I was IN it!) I have avoided spoilers so I can totally cry for real. And I am a TV crier too.
    The Good Wife…I love this show. Not like I love like Supernatural or TVD but I love it in a quiet, this is a good show kind of way. And I was NOT surprised by the Kalinda secret. Am I the only one who has assumed she did that since last season?
    Castle…that soapy episode was not my favorite but again, this is just a nice, fun show and I love Nathan and the chemistry between Beckett and Castle. This show does the RIGHT. IMO. I really liked the last 5 minutes of this past weeks episode when they were going to the movie. It was sweet and cute. Warms my cold jaded heart.
    I like Chicago Code. I am two episodes behind but I am enjoying it and hope it gets picked up.
    I haven’t watched Fringe since S1 but I have the DVDs and will get to it at some point (like Lost maybe?)
    Oh! And Amrie! The comment about the 18 year olds watching “Doug” back when Mad About You was on? I almost peed in my pants!

  3. Not sure why Procedurals always get a bad rap on the podcasts I listen to, Just because something is formulaic doesn’t mean you have to dumb it down–you could still have a well-written procedural.
    I agree with Patty on Castle, while it wasn’t my favorite episode, I really enjoyed that scene at the end where Castle pretended he hadn’t seen Forbidden Planet. I think I would have enjoyed the episode more if I actually watched Daytime TV. Also, I didn’t watch Veronica Mars (pause for GASPs) so I had no idea who that guest star/killer was.
    the TVx3 general consensus on Community fits my own–there have been some great episodes (Modern Warfare, zombies) and some good episodes and some that I just don’t get the references. As for My Dinner With Andre, I have heard OF the film but don’t know the plot–there was a Simpsons episode where Martin Prince is playing a My Dinner With Andre arcade game.
    Many of the recent FX shows have been real downers. Both Lights Out and Rubicon I never made it past a few episodes. Terriers had some funny, good moments but, overall, certainly wasn’t upbeat. Archer, on the other hand, has been getting funnier and funnier with each episode.
    I tried watching FNL in September when they started re-airing it in order from the beginning, but just couldn’t get into it and never finished the 1st season. In general I’m not a sports person, and I also didn’t care for the grainy, dark look and the shaky camera. So I’d go with Jason’s pick of Life Unexpected for the DVD of the week.
    Fringe has been great this season, glad it got picked up for a 4th.
    The Good Wife has been great, although I just don’t buy that Kalinda slept with Peter. That news just seemed to to come from nowhere–and, besides, I thought her character was supposed to be a lesbian?! As Daniel brought up, it will be fun to watch how she interacts with Alicia knowing what we know and knowing that she doesn’t.

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