TVx3 E094: I Just Want to See These People Make Out

This week Alix from joined us to talk about the week in TV. You can also find her on Twitter @thetvchick.

TV Show News

We talked about the following stories this week:


We talked about the following six shows from the week of Monday, March 28th to Sunday, April 3rd:

  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager – S.3 Ep.15, “Who Do You Trust”
  • Make It or Break It – S.2 Ep.11, “The New Normal”
  • The Good Wife – S.2 Ep.18, “Killer Song”
  • Parenthood – S.2 Ep.19, “Taking the Leap”
  • Top Chef – S.8 Ep.16, “Finale”
  • Grey's Anatomy – S.7 Ep.17, “Song Beneath the Song”

What did you think of the Grey's Anatomy musical episode? If you do, why do you watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager? What do you think is going to happen The Good Wife? What did you think of this week's guest? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. STOP ENABLING SECRET LIFE! How is this show still on the air? How does it get so many viewers?! Maybe all the Nielsen folks who used to watch 2.5 Men for their bad comedy have switched to this?! I saw the 1st 15 minutes of the 1st episode and never watched it again. I have far too many other shows I watch that I couldn’t allocate another hour just to watch train wreck TV. As for Make It Or Break It, I do agree it is one of the better ABCF shows, but I stopped watching during whatever half season started with the girl in the hospital with her broken back or whatever, These half-seasons ABCF does makes their shows seem like they’ve been on for like 10 years! USA does the same, but it doesn’t feel as long.
    As for the Good Wife, like Jason, I’m waiting for the why Kalinda needed to change her name…
    And on to Grey’s…to all the fans of this episode, where were you for “Viva Laughlin”?! This used the same “musical” technique that did–where the characters just broke into singing popular songs and so one seemed to care or notice they were singing! I would have preferred a straight-forward musical episode with original songs instead of this. Will I stop watching because I didn’t like this? No–if I survived ghost sex with Denny Duquette, I can survive anything. Hmm..wait, that doesn’t sound quite right. 🙂
    As for In Treatment, I never really watched it–my lineup is already packed and there was no way I was going to add a daily show to it. I don’t know how it would work for the show, but something weekly would be easier for people to pick up.
    Just like I did with The Sopranos, I watch Mad Men and kind of enjoy it, but not upset with the delay–it is far from my favorite show. It tends to be very slow, drawn out and not much happens–certainly don’t think it deserves all the praise and awards it gets. Now if they delayed Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead, that would be another story!
    Happy about the FX renewals–Justified was just OK for me the 1st season, but this second season has been really good (especially liked the returning the money episode) and Archer has been wonderful this year–just keeps getting funnier and funnier.

  2. I don’t watch Secret Life on principle. The whole premise is so unreal for me or anyone I know..zombies and vampires seem more realistic!
    Even though, of the shows you guys talked about I only watch The Good Wife, I liked @thetvchick. Oh I did watch the Top Chef finale sort of. I hate FMI so much, it was just hard to watch. Bleh. I enjoyed the season overall, but the last 3 or 4 episodes seemed to just DRAG. I am looking forward to FNL talk!

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