TVx3 E097: The Extreme Supernatural Recreation Community Doctor

This week @kyool from joined us to talk about some news, shows and get a reality check with Amrie.

TV Show News

We talked about the following stories this week:

TV on DVD Pick

For TV on DVD sets being released on Tuesday, May 3rd:

Amrie – Boy Meets World: The Complete Fifth Season
Jason – Being Human: Season 3
Kyle – Being Human: Season Three [Blu-ray] and Party Animals


We talked about the following seven shows from the week of Monday, April 18th to Sunday, April 24th:

  • Chuck – S.4 Ep.21, “Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner”
  • Community – S.2 Ep.21, “Paradigms of Human Memory”
  • Parks & Recreation – S.3 Ep.10, “Soulmates”
  • Bones – S.6 Ep.19, “The Finder”
  • Supernatural – S.6 Ep.18, “Frontierland”
  • Doctor Who – S.6 Ep.1, “The Impossible Astronaut”

Amrie's Reality Check

Amrie and Kyle talked about the following reality shows from the week of Monday, April 18th to Sunday, April 24th:

  • Top Chef Masters – S.3 Ep.3, “Diners to Donors”
  • Survivor – S.22 Ep.10, “Rice Wars”
  • The Amazing Race – S.18 Ep.9, “We're Good American People – Leg 9”

What did you think about the potential Bones spin-off? What about how Community did a clip show? Did you like Doctor Who in America? What did you think of this week's guest? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. So odd listening to yourself back on the podcast. I know Jason re-listens because he has to edit it, but do you ever re-listen Amrie or Rae? Lots of giggling on this one! 🙂

  2. I was right on–in Part 2 of Dr Who, they DID make Mark Sheppard evil–well at least fake evil!

    Also, great job editing Jason–never realized just how much work you must do for each of these episodes.

  3. Is that Kyle the commenter Kyle?

    I kind of like the new(ish) guest panelist too. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rae but it’s nice to hear a new voice and get to know other TV bloggers…even if you font’ talk about any shows I watch!

    I DID watch the Finder on Bones. I didn’t hate it but I love me some Big Cat (October Road ref!) The thing I found really odd about it was the editing. It’s like they did a pilot for The Finder and then just edited in the Booth and Bones parts. It felt weird.

    I totally agree on TAR. If they are not going to fight with each other they should at least be working on booting other teams. I think they got lucky when they all “happened” to be wanting to get the cowboys out. I kinda want the dad and daughter to win but I’ll be happy with Zev and Justin. I hope they have a swimming challenge coming up. Or a drinking lots of liquid challenge. Because how funny would it be for the sisters to get THISCLOSE again and have to pee?

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