TVx3 E107: ABC Fall Preview 2011

This week Rae (@raelee) from the Internet was back with us to talk about some cancellation and renewal news, preview ABC's Fall 2011 lineup, and talk about a few shows we've been watching this summer.


We talked about the following three news stories:

  • Adult Swim has ordered a fourth season of Childrens Hospital.
  • MTV has renewed Awkward. for a second season.
  • AMC has picked up 16 more episodes of Breaking Bad.

TV on DVD Picks for Tuesday, August 30th

ABC Fall Preview 2011

We went through the week giving premiere dates for all ABC series and then gave our impressions of their new shows: Once Upon a Time, Pan Am, Last Man Standing, Man Up!, Apartment 23, Suburgatory, Revenge and Charlie's Angels.

Cable Fall Preview 2011

We talked a little about the return of BBC America's Doctor Who S.6 and the series premiere of MTV's Death Valley.


We talked about the following four shows:

  • Alphas – S.1 Ep.6, “Bill & Gary's Excellent Adventure”
  • Teen Wolf – S.1 Ep.12, “Code Breaker” (Season Finale)
  • The Nine Lives of Chloe King – S.1 Ep.10, “Beautiful Day” (Season/Series/Summer Finale?)
  • Awkward. – S.1 Ep.3, “The Way We Weren't,” Ep.4, “The Scarlet Eye,” & Ep.5, “Jenna Lives”

Amrie & Rae's Reality Check

Amrie and Rae gives their thoughts on Expedition Impossible, The Great Food Truck Race, The Glee Project finale, and Flipping Out.


Are you looking forward to any of ABC's new Fall 2011 offerings? What did you think about the season finale of Teen Wolf? Would you like to see more of The Nine Lives of Chloe King? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. Happy about all of those pickups–I’m a huge fan of Childrens Hospital and Breaking Bad and find Awkward. amusing.
    So many great TV-on-DVD picks this week. I am running out of room in my house–like Amrie, I buy everything! I wish The Defenders had done better–was such an underrated show.
    I really enjoyed both Once Upon a Time and Pan Am, so am looking forward to them. Was underwhelmed with the new Tim Allen show–felt like a million other shows, and Nancy Travis felt like she was playing her same Bill Engvall Show character. I thought the same exact thing as Jason while watching Man Up, the headsets totally reminded me of Traffic Light. I really liked Apt 23, except for Krysten Ritter (I’ve never been a fan of her–was glad when she was “removed” from Breaking Bad). Dawson and the neighbor were hilarious, so I will definitely watch more.
    Really liked Suburgatory (Cheryl Hines was great!), and that will make for a very solid Wed ABC Comedy block. I agree with you guys–wasn’t a constant laugh riot, but really enjoyed it. However, wasn’t a fan of Revenge–felt like an ABCF or CW show, and certainly doesn’t fit with the comedy block. I really wish that had put GCB here–that would have been a great fit, and was a great pilot.
    Charlie’s Angels was horrible, such bad acting, poor writing and casting. It was like Hawaii 5-0 again–where they used “We’re Angels” instead of “We’re 5-0” like everyone would know what that means!
    Looking forward to Doctor Who’s return and interested in tonight’s premiere of Death Valley–looks like it could be hilarious.
    Amrie, agree with most of your opinions on the Reality shows–except for the Seabirds–not a fan (I still don’t understand why anyone would voluntarily choose to be Vegan! Can you even have FroYo without milk?!) I’m rooting for one of Hodge Podge, The Lime Truck or Karilla. I agree with Rae, so happy Damian was a winner of the The Glee Project–out of the final 4 I really wanted him to win. I was really disappointed when they first announced Samuel as the winner (who I liked the least). I think even if they hadn’t announced all of them as winners, I think we still would have seen many of these contestants on Glee anyway–and I suspect others will show up as well (*cough* Cameron *cough*).
    Staci on Flipping Out is INSANE! How could anyone hate Jenni?! I think she probably is jealous of Jenni and is doing a lot of it just for the camera, to get attention and ensure air time.

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