TVx3 E108: The CW & FOX Fall Previews 2011

This week Alix (@thetvchick) from joined us to talk about some cancellation and renewal news, preview The CW & FOX's Fall 2011 lineups, and talk about a few shows we've been watching this summer.

TV News

We talked about the following two news stories:

  • USA Network picked up White Collar for a fourth season.
  • FOX has resurrected Breaking In for a second season.

TV on DVD Picks for Tuesday, September 5th & 13th

The CW & FOX Fall Previews 2011

We went through the week giving premiere dates for all The CW and FOX series and then gave our impressions of their new shows: Allen Gregory, Hart of Dixie, Terra Nova, Ringer, New Girl, H8r, The X Factor, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, and The Secret Circle.


We talked about the following four shows:

  • Alphas – S.1
  • Awkward. – S.1 Ep.6, “Queen Bee-atches”
  • Happy Endings – S.1 Ep.13, “Why Can't You Read Me?”
  • Suits – S.1

Amrie's Reality Check

Amrie gives her thoughts on Expedition Impossible, The Great Food Truck Race, The Challenge, and Project Runway.


Are you looking forward to any of The CW or FOX's new Fall 2011 offerings? What do you think about Awkward. thus far? What did you think of this week's guest host? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. So glad to hear you talk about CW and FOX!
    On CW I am looking forward to Hart of Dixie. The little 3 minute promo I saw looks really good. ANTM is on my list FOR SURE! I am trying to get up the gumption to watch The Ringer. It just looks bad in more ways than one. Maybe I will wait until I have a couple of episodes. H8R is just no. I downloaded Secret Circle to watch this week. I want it to be good.
    I loved the New Girl and am super happy about Breaking In coming back at some point. I don’t give a crap about XFactor. i don’t want to like Terra Nova but I will watch a few episodes. Does FOX even have anything else I will watch? Hmmmmm
    Loved Suits this summer. I LOVE Awkward thanks to you guys chatting it up. I am totally watching it now. I also am enjoying The Lying Game although I am getting frightened by how many shows on ABC Family I currently watch (not that pregnant teenager show though!)
    Jason, what TV podcasts do you listen to on Stitcher? I got it to listen to Adam Carolla and the Nerdist and now you guys. But I haven’t found anything else I really like. I love the app though.

  2. Oh! And Burt on Project Runway? Amrie! I thought the same thing! I am sad he is a grumpy old dick. And that mean gay guy – wow. He needs to fail big and soon because he is just too mean even for me!

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