TVx3 E114: Burt’s Thanksgiving Weekend Duty, Interrupted

This week Rae (@raelee) from joined us for her monthly appearance to talk about some recent TV show news and discuss some shows like New Girl, Raising Hope, and Psych.

TV News (00:02:28)

We talked about the following news story:

  • Showtime has renewed Dexter for a seventh and an eighth season.
  • CBS has renewed Survivor for two more seasons past the upcoming 24th that starts in February 2012 and they have also ordered three additional episodes of A Gifted Man.
  • Ricky Gervais will once again host The Golden Globe Awards.
  • NBC has officially shutdown production of Prime Suspect, effectively canceling the show and Community is set to go on hiatus following the Christmas episode and return sometime next year with 12 more episodes to finish out the season.
  • ABC announced their midseason schedule, which didn't include Cougar Town.
  • FX has to shorten the length of the American Horror Story S.1 finale due to shooting schedules, but added an additional episode to S.4 of Sons of Anarchy to accommodate a two hour finale episode split over two weeks.
  • Comedy Central has picked up South Park for two additional seasons.
  • Netflix has picked up Arrested Development to begin producing new episodes.

TV on DVD Picks for Tuesday, November 29th (00:14:46)

Primetime (00:15:20)

We talked about the following five shows:

  • Homeland – S.1 Ep.7, “The Weekend” (00:15:25)
  • New Girl – S.1 Ep.6, “Thanksgiving” (00:18:47)
  • Raising Hope – S.1 Ep.7, “Burt's Parents” (00:23:29)
  • Sons of Anarchy – S.4 Ep.11, “Call of Duty” (00:24:36)
  • Psych – S.6 Ep.6, “Shawn, Interrupted” (00:28:45)

Amrie & Rae's Reality Check (00:32:18)

Amrie and Rae talked a bit about the latest episodes of Top Chef, Survivor, The Amazing Race, and America's Next Top Model.


What do you think about Homeland and Sons of Anarchy? How about Psych? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. Wasn’t really sad to see Prime Suspect go, but I gave up early on the show–maybe after 2 episodes. Just couldn’t get into it…or that hat!

    Still not a fan of New Girl–just find Jess really annoying. So this week having 2 Jesses was even worse!

    Also, not really concerned about Community–that’s always been hit and miss with me as far as the episodes go. Sometimes it tries to be too clever for it’s own good. If it stays, fine, if it goes, I’m also fine with that.

    Looking forward to talking w/you guys very soon. I’d say I probably watch 90% of the reality stuff that Amrie does–don’t watch Top Model or any of those Dancing/Dating/Weight Loss /Jersey/Housewives ones. But I probably watch a dozen other reality shows that Amrie doesn’t.

  2. I totally need to mainline Homeland. It started when my TV was broken so I started behind. Maybe this Saturday when it’s cold and rainy.
    I love New Girl but I am convinced it;s for nerd girls and no guys like it. Well, except Jason. I loved the Thanksgiving episode because my Thanksgiving is always a family nightmare and I would LOVE to spend it with weird friends.
    TAR – I kinda of love this season. The tasks are harder and not really geared towards any one team. I don’t think they are bad racers any more than in seasons past. It’s just that anyone can get lost or get a crappy cab driver. HOWEVER, I DO think that the whole lost passport thing and lost train ticket was BS. I call BS. I enjoy the seasons that have “nice” teams. I don’t like to watch shows where people are always yelling at each other.
    ANTM – so glad you talked, if briefly, about Angelea that wacko hag. She can’t take criticism of any kind! Not good OR bad! She had best not win!
    Rae, I am off to look at your web site!

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