TVx3 E116: The Psych Anarchy Community & Hope Office

In this episode, Kyle (@kyool) from (@NoReruns) joined us to talk about some recent TV news and discuss recent episodes of The Walking Dead, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, Psych, Community and more.

TV News (00:01:08)

We talked about the following news stories:

  • Life time has extended the upcoming sixth season of Army Wives from 13 to 23 episodes.
  • ABC Family has renewed Pretty Little Liars for a third season.
  • FOX announces midseason schedule, which includes season two of Breaking In premiering in March.

TV on DVD Picks for Tuesday, December 13th (00:08:09)

Primetime (00:12:21)

We talked about the following eight shows:

  • The Walking Dead – S.2 Ep.7, “Pretty Much Dead Already” – Midseason Finale (00:12:34)
  • Dexter – S.1 Ep.9, “Get Gellar” (00:18:15)
  • Raising Hope – S.2 Ep.8, “Bro-gurt” (00:21:42)
  • Sons of Anarchy – S.4 Ep.13, “To Be, Act 1” (00:25:20)
  • Psych – S.6 Ep.7, “In For a Penny…” (00:29:58)
  • Community – S.3 Ep.9, “Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism” (00:33:49)
  • Parks & Recreation – S.4 Ep.9, “The Trial of Leslie Knope” (00:38:12)
  • The Office – S.8 Ep.9, “Mrs. California” (00:43:13)

Amrie & Kyle's Reality Check (00:47:33)

Amrie and Kyle talked about recent episodes of The Amazing Race, Survivor, Work of Art: The Next Great Artist and Top Chef: Texas.

Closing Remarks (00:55:00)


What did you think about the The Walking Dead midseason finale? How about the twist on Dexter? How do you think the seasons of Psych, Community, Parks & Recreation and The Office are going so far? What did you think of this week's guest? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. I only just started but you guys are talking about Dexter (I don’t watch) and Walking Dead (I DO watch) and how some people see things coming and others don’t. I was totally surprised when the little girl came out of the barn. Didn’t see it coming. BUT, here is my theory on why I was so dense here and yet other shows I see shit coming a mile away. I do not have anyone to really discuss TWD with. I save up episodes and watch 2-3 at a time because they freak me out. So I haven’t been reading my normal recaps or anything. Other show that I watch “on time” and have the opportunity to discuss, I feel like my mind works out various scenarios and I almost always figure out what’s coming at least in part. So I think that the “normal” TV viewer has NOT FREAKING idea what is going on at least half the time on shows that follow any kind of ongoing story.

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