TVx3 E117: Unrelated & Off-Track

In this episode, Rae (@raelee) from was back to talk about some recent TV news and discuss recent episodes of Parks & Recreation, The Office, Chuck, Psych, Community and more.

TV News (00:01:33)

We talked about the following news stories:

  • ABC has pulled Man Up! with five episodes left to air and has also ordered a 23rd episode for this season of Castle.
  • ABC has put all the episodes thus far of Revenge and Once Upon a Time online at until January 3rd and 7th respectively, giving potential new viewers a chance to catch-up.

Primetime (00:06:41)

We talked about the following six shows:

  • Sons of Anarchy – S.4 Ep.14, “To Be, Act 2” (00:06:58)
  • Psych – S.6 Ep.8, “The Tao of Gus,” & Ep.9, “Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat” (Midseason Finale) (00:09:50)
  • Parks & Recreation – S.4 Ep.10, “Citizen Knope” (00:18:45)
  • The Office – S.8 Ep.10, “Christmas Wishes” (00:21:57)
  • Community – S.3 Ep.10, “Regional Holiday Music” (00:24:14)
  • Chuck – S.5 Ep.5, “Chuck Versus the Hack Off” (00:27:14)

Amrie & Rae's Reality Check (00:36:01)

Amrie and Rae talked about recent episodes of The Amazing Race, Survivor, America's Next Top Model and Top Chef: Texas.

Closing Remarks (00:43:15)


What did you think about the Psych midseason finale? How about the season finale of Sons of Anarchy? How do you think the seasons of Community, Parks & Recreation and The Office are going so far? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. I highly doubt Man Up! will return to ABC no matter what happens with Work It–they’ve already dumped the five unaired episodes on and Hulu. As least we get to see them!

    Outsourced *sniff* πŸ™

    Really liked the Psych finale. So funny, and did not see the ring in the DS coming at all. Henry’s stalker was great–especially her comment about “so many hotties” when she sees the old guy at the Spa.

    On P&R, Leslie is an awesome gift-giver–I want to be on her list!

    For the Community Holiday episode, I enjoyed a few scenes, but overall it wasn’t great. Liked the Glee piano guy clone in the background, and Shirley’s temptation scene was funny. However, didn’t really care for most of the songs.

    For Chuck, I think it’s great that they are episodes on Christmas Eve eve and New Years Eve eve. Who doesn’t have a way to record shows these days?! (Amrie’s like Oprah for all 2 of us listeners…and you get a VCR…and you get a VCR πŸ™‚ ) I wish more shows would air during holiday weekends–there’s always nothing on! πŸ™‚

    For The Amazing Race, I was kind of glad the taxi drivers kind of cheated because I wanted Ernie & Cindy to win. πŸ™‚

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