TVx3 E121: The Good Touch of Chuck Upon Castle

On this episode, Amrie (@mytakeontv), Jason the TVaholic (@theTVaholic) and Rae (@raelee) are back together to talk about Hart of Dixie, Castle, the Touch series premiere, The Finder, the Chuck series finale, Once Upon a Time, and The Good Wife, as well as a little reality at the end.

Primetime (00:04:27)

We talked about the following seven shows:

  • Hart of Dixie – S.1 Ep.11, “Hell's Belles” (00:05:49)
  • Castle – S.4 Ep.13, “An Embarrassment of Bitches” (00:09:07)
  • Touch – S.1 Ep.1, “Pilot” (Series Premiere) (00:12:02)
  • The Finder – S.1 Ep.3, “A Cinderella Story” (00:14:49)
  • Chuck – S.5 Ep.12, “Chuck Versus Sarah” & Ep.13, “Chuck Versus the Goodbye” (Series Finale) (00:17:48)
  • Once Upon a Time – S.1 Ep.11, “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree” (00:27:04)
  • The Good Wife – S.3 Ep.14, “Another Ham Sandwich” (00:37:26)

Amrie's Reality Check (00:41:54)

Amrie talked about recent episodes of Top Chef: Texas, The Challenge: Battle of the Exes, Project Runway: All-Stars and the first season finale of Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cookoff.

Closing Remarks (00:44:20)

You never know what is going to come up as we close out the show.


What do you think about Once Upon a Time and the performance of Lana Parrilla? Are you loving The Good Wife as much as we are? What did you think about how Chuck ended? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. OMG I had a huge comment all written and it got eaten!

    The Finder sucks but I am watching for some reason.

    I loved Touch and The Good Wife.

    OUaT I too am on the fence. They really need to give us something big. I also think the stranger is the writer of the book. So Amrie is right.

    I had more but now I need to go shopping.

  2. Hey Guys!

    So it’s been awhile since I last officially commented- that was because it has been crazy with real life and TV had to take a backseat and you guys talked about everything I watched so it’s hard to listen and not get spoiled you know?

    First OUaT – Add me to the members of the fence club (It’s like the Glee club but only cooler) Just no. There are a lot of elements there that I can easily see myself liking if it’s done correctly, and I see a TON of potential there, but then I watch it and I am just like “okay, now what?” – I am watching and enjoying certain parts of it, but at the end of the day I could totally see my life without it.

    Revenge <- This is MY SHOW! Good lord Amanda/Emily is the bomb! I had very very very high hopes for this show last upfront when the first promo came out and it totally met those expectations! (For once a show I pick as 'potentially awesome' appears to be surviving a season lol). Storywise- not much more to comment on than to say I totally agree with you guys.

    Chuck…oh chuck………I don't hate open ending's, I think I am on Rae's side because I like allowing viewers to consider what would happen next. If you are a fatalist then you could even find negativity in the happiest of endings. Say Sarah got her memories back, they kissed, went home to their kid and then it ends with them at home. Well a fatalist could say things went well for awhile, then Chuck got lazy, all he did was sit around the house and eat at fast food places because the local subway closed down, so now he is becoming angry and bitter so Sarah leaves him and the two's great love is over at a nasty divorce after which they show a glimmer of hope of returning only to be hit by a car and die on the operating room table! LOL YES I added as many tv cliche's into that one as possible off the top of my head, but you get the point, The openness allows you to fill in the blank a little but it does point you in the right direction so I am happy with it.

    Hart of Dixie- This is my little cup of sunshine, but good lord does it need some help ASAP. Rae said her only problem was she didn't really buy her as a doctor? I can by Summer becoming a doctor, what I can't buy is the horrific southern sterotypes "We just got our selves one of them sate-lites & a VCR" Like REALLY? No no no no no! Limon looks like she walked out of a sourthern fairy tale gone horribly wrong, and I just can't, but they have lightened up on that a bit as the series has progressed and I do see a lot of potential there if they continue to serialize it a bit more- I could easily see it being a Southern version of Everwood in a way, but can we just tone down the sterotypes a tiny bit? please?

    The Good Wife is a show I haven't ever started watching. I LOVE Julianna Margulies but I really didn't expect it to survive after Canterbury Law failed so miserably so I didn't watch it. But over the holiday's I saw season 1 on sale at some ridiculously low price so i picked it up.

    One show that you guys didn't discuss and I don't expect you to is the wretched beast- I did catch up to watch the final season, and HOLY CRAP this is the wretched beast I LOVED, Amire if you are going to watch the season finale please take the time and watch this whole season – its only going to be 13 episodes and you will thank me for it! They have done some amazing cliffhangers that are completely CHARACTER DRIVEN and done what the wretched beast used to do right and made me care about the citizens of Tree Hill. So I do urge you to check it out, but I know that's probably a 1 in a bazzillion chance of it happening until you complete your wretched beast dvd collection 🙂

    Okay that's all for me for today – Keep up the great work guys!

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