TVx3 E129: The Mad Happy Whitney Game Community

On Episode 129, Joel Keller (@joelkeller) of the Antenna Free TV Podcast (@antennafreetv) and Mekeisha Madden Toby (@mekeishamadto) of the TV Madness Podcast and TV Critic at The Detroit News joined Jason (@theTVaholic) from We discussed the first season finale of Whitney, Happy Endings, Community, the second season premiere of The Killing, the second season premiere of Game of Thrones, and Mad Men.

Get to Know the Guests (00:00:56)

Joel and Mekeisha each talked about how they got into TV criticism and started podcasting.

TV News (00:04:09)

We talked about the following three TV related news stories:

Primetime (00:21:59)

We talked about the following six shows from the week of Monday, March 26th through Sunday, April 1st, 2012:

  • Whitney – S.1 Ep.22, “Something Black, Something Blue” (Season Finale) (00:22:11)
  • Happy Endings – S.2 Ep.20, “Big White Lies” (00:31:31)
  • Community – S.3 Ep.13, “Digital Exploration of Interior Design” (00:43:09)
  • The Killing – S.2 Ep.1, “Reflections,” & Ep.2, “My Lucky Day” (Season Premiere) (00:49:19)
  • Game of Thrones – S.2 Ep.1, “The North Remembers” (Season Premiere) (01:03:44)
  • Mad Men – S.5 Ep.3, “Tea Leaves” (01:11:19)

Closing Remarks (01:25:34)

Closed out the show with our Mad Men discussion morphing into talking about the second season finale of The Walking Dead and a few other things.


What did you think about the second season premieres of The Killing and Game of Thrones? Did you hate fat Betty on Mad Men too? Do you think Community can be too strange? Do you have time reflect on the day while staring out the window at the rain? What did you think about this week's guests? Got any questions for us? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.


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