TVx3 E140: Listener Q&A and Dallas Killing Suits

On Episode 140, Amrie (@mytakeontv), Jason (@theTVaholic), and Rae (@raelee) answered listener questions and then discussed the return of Dallas, the second season premiere of Suits, and the second season finale of The Killing.

TV News (00:01:18)

We briefly talked about the following three news stories:

Listener Q&A (00:03:36)

We answered the following 12 questions submitted by listeners Johnathon, Julia, Kyle and Todd.

  • What did Amrie and Rae think of the Revenge season finale?
  • Why do you think that TV networks hold out on releasing TV shows on DVD until RIGHT before they premiere? Do you think that REALLY helps promote the show? Or does it actually “hurt” the series because people don’t have enough time to catch up before the new season starts? Do you think more networks should release their DVDs earlier or does the current format work?
  • We all have our guilty pleasures, but what TV show did you start watching and have grown to regret, and why?
  • Was there a show from the last season that you wished had continued on? Why?
  • What do you expect to be the first show canceled this fall?
  • How does the onscreen chemistry between actors affect your viewing experience of a TV show? Does it? Has it ever made you want to tune in or tune out of a TV show?
  • Besides, obviously, Hang Time, what other shows do you wish we’re available on DVD?
  • Does Jason watch any reality shows?
  • What TV shows are you most looking forward to at San Diego Comic-Con?
  • Any cool web series you watch/recommend?
  • Now that you’ve seen some of the fall/midseason shows, any you’re looking forward to? Any that you’ve completely changed opinion on after seeing pilot?
  • How do you get screeners and set visits for shows that you cover?

Primetime (00:47:02)

We talked about the following three shows from the week of Monday, June 11th thru Sunday, June 17th:

  • Dallas – S.1 Ep.1, “Pilot: Changing of the Guard,” & Ep.2, “Hedging Your Bets” (Season Premiere) (00:47:05)
  • Suits – S.2 Ep.1, “She Knows” (Season Premiere) (00:51:05)
  • The Killing – S.2 Ep.13, “What I Know” (Season Finale) (00:59:55)

Amrie’s Reality Check (01:07:22)

Amrie touched on recent episodes of The Next Food Network Star, Duets and MasterChef.

TV on DVD Picks for Tuesday, June 26th (01:09:47)

Jason – Damages: The Complete Fourth Season


What did you think about the second season finale of The Killing? Did you like the series premiere of Dallas? Are you loving Suits? Let us know what you think in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. Color me a shitty commentor. Here’s my problem. I almost always listen to the podcast in my car. And I mean to leave you a message but now it’s Monday and I am at work and can’t!

    Loved the Q&A though! TV on DVD I want – 2 Guys and a Girl is on my list along with Love Monkey (I assume never because of the music) and Ed (Is Tom Cavenaugh a jinx or what?) So yeah. Those.

    As for when TV on DVD is released, I HATE when they release something the with less than a week before the premiere. It’s not so bad with USA shows or well, Awkward (that I watched all on a Monday night and I CAN’T WAIT!!!) but anything with 22 episodes that you want to actually watch or rewatch? Most people just give up. I have decided on those that I missed, it I think I really want to watch them, I grab them on sale and wait for them to end. I am almost done with Saving Grace now. It has actually been a fairly productive TV watching summer.

    Thanks for the Daly Show rec. Watched some of that this weekend. Wow Tim Daly looks amazing.

    Question of the week: How much of the Olympics will you watch? Favorite sport? Will you DVR it and FF though gobs of it or watch live when you can?

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