TVx3 E154: The Homeland of Elementary Parenthood & Revenge

On episode 154, Amrie (@mytakeontv), Jason (@theTVaholic) and Rae (@raelee) discuss some news items and recent episodes of Ben & Kate, The Mindy Project, Hart of Dixie, Parenthood, Elementary, Revenge and Homeland. Plus, a Reality Check and a TV on DVD pick. (Start times of each segment/topic)

News (00:01:45)

We talked about the following four news stories:

Primetime (00:07:37)

We talked about the following seven shows:

  • Ben & Kate – S.1 Ep.2, “Bad Cop/Bad Cop” (00:09:05)
  • The Mindy Project – S.1 Ep.2, “Hiring and Firing” (00:15:01)
  • Hart of Dixie – S.2 Ep.1, “I Fall to Pieces” (Season Premiere) (00:21:16)
  • Parenthood – S.4 Ep.4, “The Talk” (00:29:55) – Suggested by @HappyBunny87
  • Elementary – S.1 Ep.2, “While You Were Sleeping” (00:36:30)
  • Revenge – S.2 Ep.2, “Resurrection” (00:39:51)
  • Homeland – S.2 Ep.2, “Beirut Is Back” (00:46:04)

Amrie’s Reality Check (00:50:12)

Survivor: Philippines and The Amazing Race are covered.

TV on DVD Picks for Releases on Tuesday, October 16th (00:53:44)

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What do you think of Ben & Kate and The Mindy Project? What did you think of the second season premiere of Hart of Dixie? Are you loving Homeland as much as we are? Got any questions for us? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter @TVtimesThree, or Like us on Facebook.


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