TVx3 E156: Happy Dexter in the Last Nashville Homeland Castle

On episode 156, Amrie (@mytakeontv) and Jason (@theTVaholic) were joined by Kyle Nolan (@kyool) from (@NoReruns) to discuss some news, recent episodes of Nashville, Last Resort, The Walking Dead, Dexter, Homeland, Castle, Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, and then a quick reality check. (Start times of each segment/topic)

News (00:02:57)

We talked about the following three news stories:

Primetime (00:16:04)

We talked about the following eight shows:

  • Nashville – S.1 Ep.3, “Someday You’ll Call My Name” (00:16:13)
  • Last Resort – S.1 Ep.5, “Skeleton Crew” (00:22:25)
  • The Walking Dead – S.3 Ep.3, “Walk With Me” (00:29:14)
  • Dexter – S.7 Ep.5, “Swim Deep” (00:34:26)
  • Homeland – S.2 Ep.5, “Q&A” (00:42:31)
  • Castle – S.5 Ep.5, “Probable Cause” (00:48:00)
  • Happy Endings – S.3 Ep.2, “Sabado Free-Gante” (00:55:15)
  • Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 – S.2 Ep.2, “Love and Monsters” (00:57:51)

Amrie’s Reality Check (01:02:13)

Amrie and Kyle briefly talked about The Amazing Race and Survivor

Listener Feedback and Announcements (01:06:30)

We thanked Patty Housel (@phouse1964) for her iTunes rating and review.

We also talked about our upcoming Listener Q&A segment. So, if you’ve got any questions for us, please leave them in the comments below, use the contact form, hit us up on Twitter @TVtimesThree, comment on Facebook, or use the voicemail system on the right side of website to send them by Sunday, November 11th and Amrie, Jason and Rae will answer them on Ep.158. We look forward to hearing from you.


What did you think of Castle? Did you watch the same episodes as Jason or Amrie and Kyle? What do you think of The Walking Dead thus far? Do you love Happy Endings as much as we do? What about Homeland and Dexter? What did you think of this week’s guest? Got any questions for us? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter @TVtimesThree, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. Jason, you are 100% right about Castle. Amrie and Kyle I completely disagree with you. Beckett NEVER thought Castle did this. The scene with her and Lanie was Beckett being scared and confused over what is happening. Beckett even admitted to believing in Castle when she said to Lanie that he may be self-centered and arrogant and a jerk but he isn’t this. This meaning a cheater and a killer. The whole episode Kate had the initial reaction of being stunned and upset with the information she was hearing, but her support of Castle never wavered. It was proven in the scene where she’s in the jail cell with Castle and he tells her about 3XK and she says it’s the first time this whole thing makes sense. He turns and asks if she believes him and she tells him, she never stopped believing him. So Jason, I watched the same episode you did…LOL!

  2. Just wanted to weigh in – I’m team Jason too! I think Amrie and Kyle need to rewatch the episode. I think they were very careful to show that Kate never really believed that Castle was a killer. She just didn’t know how to prove it or what was going on. I agree with everything Heather said above.

    Since I’m commenting – I’ll ask a few questions. How is everyone feeling about the new season? Now that we are 5 or 6 episodes into each show, I would love to hear what you are thinking of some of the newbies and some of the season 2 shows. I’m really enjoying Arrow and Nashville. I like Last Resort and Revolution but I just want to care about the characters in each just a bit more. There is alot going on in both shows, but I think they need to start building the characters up just a bit more so that we really care about what is happening to them. The only characters I really care about on Last Resort are Scott Speedman and Andre Brauer…and maybe the Navy Seal guy but they have to give him something to do besides drinking in the bar with Sierra (Dollhouse shoutout! 🙂 ) I agree the last new episode was a big improvement, and I need it to continue on in that vein. As for Revolution, I find it hard to care about anyone but Miles. He’s a dynamic character – everyone else is playing an archetype. And I’m trying, but I just can’t get to where I like Charlie – I think it might be the actress, and I don’t HATE her – but I also wouldn’t mind if she died and we discovered Miles had another, more interesting niece out in the world somewhere…and seriously, do we even WANT them to save Danny? Then he’d be dragging down the storyline in a different group on the show…Maybe now that he’s with Bas and Rachel, it will get better – but I just need to care about the characters on the show more than I do now…

    For Season 2 shows – I’m liking Once Upon a Time – except its becoming a problem for me that I like Emma and Snow in Fairytale World and everything in Storybrooke is kinda boring to me…especially when they focus on Regina (I’m with you Amrie – she’s a dud). Mr. Gold can usually save it for me, but its still a bit lacking. I’m a couple episodes behind on Revenge (only bc I was out of town for 2 weeks and I’m still getting caught up), so I won’t comment on it – but I was liking the first 3 episodes I saw – but I just need a little more Revenge out of Emily and a little less “I want to find my mom”…

    I’m loving Hart of Dixie – can’t help it – Zoey and Wade together is the best thing since sliced bread (or maybe Logan and Veronica) haha…and now that Lemon isn’t sucking the life out of every storyline trying to hang onto George – I like her a lot better.

    Ok, that’s enough for now…I always tend to go on too long talking about my tv. I listen every week, even if I don’t comment. 🙂

    I really like the new format. Not that I don’t enjoy hearing from the main 3 every week like it used to be – but I like the rotation of other bloggers/critics so that we get different opinions and points of view.

    Oh – and one more thing – how GOOD has Covert Affairs been? It used to be my least favorite (of the USA shows I watched) and I was watching mainly for my love of spy shows without it actually grabbing me. But with the start of season 3 – they’ve really upped their game. The whole Simon story, and now what is going on with Eyal? It’s been really good – it gets my vote for most improved show!

    And come on – give us a little Vampire Diaries discussion!! Its been wackadoo as usual and I’m loving it! hahaa

    Keep up the great podcast.

  3. How funny is it that someone who works for me was “have you listened to the TV Times Three podcast this week? They talk about you”

    I am having a big issue with TV in general. I might have some burnout happening. There are still shows I like/love and watch weekly, but the only ones I watch almost live are Supernatural (because I am recapping now) and TVD. Hart of Dixie is usually the same night and New Girl is freaking LIVE! because I always find it hilarious. But almost everything else is sitting on the DVR until I feel like watching it. I think I am going to give Walking Dead the boot and just watch Talking Dead because that show gives me nightmares. It’s good but I just can’t. I had three weeks of American Horror Story on the DVR and just said meh and deleted them all. I am almost there with OUAT but I like seeing how they do the stories. But I just don’t CARE about shows anymore. It makes me sad.

    I have been telling anyone who asks to watch Homeland. I don’t have Showtime anymore so I am behind. I liked Nashville but it too is low on the priority list.

    I am loving Life after Top Chef. I love Fabio. RuPaul’s All Stars is disappointing but I am still watching. Project Runway All Stars has just started so I could go either way. ANTM. Wow some bitchy girls this cycle! Ouch. I hate the “blogger” because WHO IS HE??? same with the male model. I want to see the next cycle with DUDES! Are they going to be all whiny? I hope so! I have never watched a full season of Survivor but I love this one! I love Malcolm and Denise and Blair. The challenges seems kind of weak but hopefully, it will get dirty now that there has been a merge. TAR, meh, I watch, I don’t really hate anyone who is left. I really just watch in case I am ever on so I don’t screw up like they do.

    I love Kyle and I have a couple of days to think of questions so I will be back!

  4. I totally forgot to think up questions! I am such a slacker!

    But there is always to one I am interested in: What shows have you dropped so far this season. It seems to be getting a little easier for me and I have dropped quite a few. It may be TV burnout.

    Followup – do you get TV burnout?

    What mid season shows are you most excited for? Returning and new. What is a MUST watch?

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