TVx3 E179: How the Big Modern Office Community Parks

On episode 179, Amrie (@mytakeontv) and Jason (@theTVaholic) are joined by Robin Pierson (@TheTVCriticorg) from The TV Critic Podcast to talk some news and recent episodes of How I Met Your Mother, The Middle, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Community, The Office and Parks & Recreation. Plus, some TV on DVD picks. (Start times of each segment/topic)

Get to Know the Guest (00:01:11)

Since it was Robin’s first time on the podcast, we asked him about what show/s got him hooked on TV and how he got into writing and podcasting about it.

News (00:03:23)

We talked about the following four TV news story:

Primetime (00:08:58)

We talked about the following seven TV shows:

  • How I Met Your Mother – S.8 Ep.22, “The Bro Mitzvah” (00:09:13)
  • The Middle – S.4 Ep.21, “From Orson With Love” (00:15:05)
  • Modern Family – S.4 Ep.21, “Career Day” (00:18:50)
  • The Big Bang Theory – S.6 Ep.22, “The Proton Resurgence” (00:24:22)
  • Community – S.4 Ep.12, “Heroic Origins” (00:30:43)
  • The Office – S.9 Ep.21, “Livin’ the Dream” (00:37:21)
  • Parks & Recreation – S.5 Ep.22, “Are You Better Off?” (Season Finale) (00:46:40) – This turned into a bit of a discussion about NBC’s future and TV ratings.

TV on DVD Picks for Tuesday, May 14th (00:58:20)

Amrie picked That 70s Show – The Complete Series.
Jason picked Dexter: The Seventh Season.
Robin picked 3rd Rock From the Sun – The Complete Series.


What did you think about How I Met Your Mother as we near the end of season eight? What do you think about how the end of The Office is shaping up? Do you watch The Middle? How do you think the Dan Hamon-less season of Community went? What did you think about this week’s guest? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter @TVtimesThree, or Like us on Facebook.

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