TVx3 E200: Your Questions Answered & More

On episode 200, Amrie (@mytakeontv), Jason (@theTVaholic) and Rae (@raelee) talk about some recent news, answer some listener submitted questions and talk about the first few episodes of How I Met Your Mother season nine, Castle season six and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Plus, a reality check and some TV on DVD picks. (Start times of each segment)

News (00:06:43)

We talked about the following 11 TV news stories:

Your Questions Answered (00:15:40)

Email from Listener Jan – Thanks for the fabulous podcast, very entertaining. Since I have only listened for about 6 months, could you please tell how you all met and decided to do a podcast? How you record in different states? Thanks and may you have another 100…

Voicemail from Listener Lisa – She basically congratulates us and asks the same question as Jan, about how we met/started the podcast. Then asks for some recommendations on past shows to catch up with like previous recommendations we’ve made that she liked (Terriers, Better Off Ted and The IT Crowd).

Answered the how we started the podcast question. (00:18:00)
Answered Lisa’s second question about shows to catch up on. (00:22:11)

Email from Listener Carl – Congrats on 200th podcast. Quite an achievement-you don’t look a day over 135.
For 200th episode:
Have you ever done an awards show?
Is there a series that would get a Rae lifetime season pass?
What do you think is the most rewatchable series?
What shows that are on should be done? (talking to you Grey’s Anatomy)
Is there a show you’d like to see a spin-off from?
What reality show could be a scripted drama?

Answered Carl’s questions. (00:28:00)

Email from Listener Selina – If you guys are Vampire Diaries fans I would love to hear about the new fall premiere! I think the transition to college is going well so far and look forward to the new story lines they come up with. Kind of reminding me of Buffy when she made the leap to college and locking Stefan under water is almost exactly what they did to Angel. Buffy is one of the greats though, so I'm not complaining about a little déjà vu.

Answered Selina’s question. (00:49:00)

Primetime (00:52:54)

We talked about the following three TV shows:

  • How I Met Your Mother – S.9 thru Ep.5 (00:53:02)
  • Castle – S.6 thru Ep.4 (00:58:13)
  • Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – S.1 thru Ep.4 (01:03:34)

Primetime (01:13:48)

Amrie briefly talked about America’s Next Top Model, Survivor, The Amazing Race and Top Chef.

TV on DVD Picks for Releases on Tuesday, October 22nd & 29th (01:16:42)

Jason picked Nikita: The Complete Third Season and Silk Stalkings Complete Seasons 6, 7 & 8


What do you think of the final season of How I Met Your Mother thus far? Did you like how they took a few episodes to get things back to normal on Castle? What do you think of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. after four episodes? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter @TVtimesThree, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. Hey guys,

    Really enjoyed the 200th podcast – especially that last 6 minutes of outtakes where I heard my name way back from when I wrote a REALLY long email! haha – I’m famous! again…or is it infamous? haha…

    I haven’t written a comment in a while but I listen every week. Just wanted to say I really enjoy the format of rotating the panel of guests (except for Jason, of course – he’s our constant!). Not that I don’t love Amrie and Rae – but it’s always nice to hear different opinions and takes on shows. And I notice when we have different people on it sometimes shakes up which shows get talked about – and since I watch EVERY SHOW ON TV…I like it when you talk about a show that you might not have covered as much.

    Anyway, I’m trying to keep this a little shorter than some of my previous comments, so I’m just going to give some bullet points of shows I’ve been thinking about lately and maybe you could discuss/give your opinions on how they are doing so far this season.
    1) Masters of Sex – I love this show, love everything about it, the acting, the story, the atmosphere – I think it is extremely well done and would like to hear what you all think of it. I think it needs more buzz bc I’m not seeing a ton of hype about it and it deserves higher ratings
    2)Homeland – I’m stilling hanging in but I’m not loving this season. 30 minutes of Brody in a Venezuelan tower of david? NO thanks…Holding out hope it gets better, and I’m kind of loving Quinn this season which is unexpected….so discuss!
    3)Originals better than Vampire Diaries? Is this possible? haha…I know – it’s the great question of our time! I’m stilling enjoying Vampire Diaries, but I find I am more excited for Originals every week…is it bc we’ve lost bad boy Damon now that’s he’s with Elena, so now we need our bad boy fix with Klaus? And everyone knows bad boys have more fun! Or maybe I just love all things Elijah and Rebecca? Not sure but I’m liking it.
    4) Hart of Dixie – too cute for words…that is all – except can we get rid of Lavon’s cousin please? She’s kind of terrible.
    5)The Good Wife – AMAZING. That is all – talk about every detail of this last episode bc it was great!
    6)Haven – your podcast is the only place I ever hear anything about this show and I LOVE it. I am WITH YOU AMRIE – they should have kissed…but thankfully they finally did at the end of the last episode…so whew! When he walked out of her apartment I was screaming at my tv – like do NOT leave again! haha…and then he walked back and kissed her and all was finally right in the world. For a little Scyfy show it is one of my favorite shows of the week.
    7) Favorite new shows of the season – Sleepy Hollow and the Blacklist – Tomorrow People is solid too but I am struggling to really care about any of the characters. I need more of a hook into their lives, right now I’m not sure I really care about all of them and Robbie is not quite the thespian his cousin Stephen is (and that isn’t saying much). I think they need a couple of big episodes to get us into the story and make us care about the people bc right now it all feels a little paint by numbers – but Vampire Diaries wasn’t built in 3 episodes so I’ll give it some time.
    8)Speaking of Stephen and Arrow – I think this season of Arrow has been really solid – completely enjoying every bit of it but especially Roy and Felicity, and hoping to see more of Summer Glau.
    9) Also really surprised with how much I’m enjoying Sons of Anarchy…I was at the point of almost checking out of this show and they’ve pulled me back in with this storyline about Tara verses Gemma. Really compelling stuff and I’m back on board.
    10)Almost completely back on board with both Once Upon a Time and Revenge. I didn’t love the second season of either show but I think they have both had strong starts for their third seasons so I hope the ratings start to improve.
    11)Scandal – all I want to know is are you Team Fitz or Team Jake? haha…honestly I just love this show and it’s possibly the most fun hour of tv every week…or at least tied with The Good Wife this season

    Ok, clearly I could go on forever but I said I would keep this short…possibly I have failed in that…anyway, just some ideas on shows I wouldn’t mind if you checked back in on soon. Love the podcast, keep up the good work and I’ll be here for 200 more! 😉

  2. Ok – so I realized I didn’t mention Agents of Shield and that is unacceptable so I just had to add this: So, I’m torn on it too. I’ve read all the critiques and I hear what EVERYONE is saying…all the characters suck, it’s too light, it’s got problems. I see that, but I also don’t think it’s quite as bad as everyone keeps making it out to be. I swear, on some sites you’d think it was the worst show since Work It and come on – it’s not THAT bad….All in all, I think it’s solid and all the building blocks are there. I think Chloe Bennett is doing good work and I almost care about her and her parent search. I am enjoying Ming-Na more than I thought I would (I’m possibly the only person on the entire internet that wasn’t already in love with her, but she was my least favorite bit of casting news). Coulson is good and lends an air of respectability to everything. I do agree that Fitz/Simmons are pretty much expendable at this point – they are pretty much just a collection of quirks and nerd foibles, I need them to be actual people soon. And Grant Ward is pretty much still a blank slate 5 episodes in – which is a problem. I think they wanted to tease out the story a little too slowly, people need to be engaged – and since no one is warming to their characters, they need to REALLY ramp up the story. We need a big crazy event episode where we meet A/THE big bad for the season, where battle lines are drawn, sides are chosen, maybe somebody expendable dies….the whole melodramatic shebang! We need more of a driving force in the show, something to keep people coming back….bc right now all the cases of the week have been pretty forgettable and audiences aren’t loving the characters so they need to give people something more to hang onto. And sometimes the way to define your characters more is to give them something to bond over or a common enemy to fight. Tie it into Skye’s parent search and you’ve got your hook into her character. Heck, tie it into Coulson’s thing too somehow and you get people engaged in 2 characters at the same time. And while your at it, make the big bad something that Melinda May has been fighting for years so that she has a stake…and maybe Grant Ward’s abusive older brother has joined centipede (dumbest name ever), so he’s got a reason to fight too….we just need SOMETHING to make us care about each of these people alot more than we already do. I’ve loved the writers (not just Joss) on other series (I’m a huge fan of Spartacus, Maurissa and Jed did great work on that show) and I know they have it in them – I think possible ABC and Disney have been tying their hands and I think they just need to say – LOOK, this isn’t working and we need to go for broke before we’ve squandered any benefit they had from the Marvel movies. Because people are tuning out and if they don’t do something soon, it’s going to just keep dropping…

    Ok, so that was probably way too much on MAOS, but clearly I’ve been having some thoughts that I needed to express! haha…So, if we want to tie this into a podcast question – I guess it would be this: How would you fix the show and what do you think the biggest problem is? And you CAN’T just say – kill all the characters and start over! I think that is a copout bc I think with the right writing all of these people could be compelling and I think we just need the right story and right hook for each of them to turn things around….so how would you do it?

    Thanks for reading my crazy manifesto! love the podcast!

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