TVx3 E008: Fall TV Status Report

Now that we're into November Sweeps, we take a look back at our Fall schedules and see what survived the first month and a half of the season. A lot of shows fell of our regular schedules and, overall, we all agree it's been a rather lackluster Fall season so far. Amrie and Rae took a quick Reality Break to talk about last week's Amazing Race, Survivor, and Top Chef. Our primetime wrapped included our thoughts on Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Heroes, Fringe, Bones, Life, Grey's Anatomy, and Supernatural. And, finally, we also address a a few listener emails and calls from the past two weeks.

Give our listener line a call at 213-985-3176 or email us and let us know your thoughts on TV this week and we'll include it in next week's podcast.



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