TVx3 Reality Break #1: Laughing at Other People’s Pain

Enjoy this bonus edition of our regular TVx3 podcast in which Amrie and Rae attempt to take a quick reality break and discover they have just too much to say!

It's all the latest in reality as they talk about how they're liking the new season of Top Chef now that we've had two episodes to get to know the newest batch of chefs. Amrie explains why she's really enjoying how events are unfolding on Survivor. Then they tackle two weeks of The Amazing Race, quickly going over the highlights from the last two legs as well as discussing the previews for next week's leg and picking their teams for who will be Team #1. Plus, Amrie can't resist mentioning a small moment from the latest Ghost Hunters episode.

What'd you think of your reality shows last week? Give our listener line a call at 213-985-3176 and let us know.



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