TVx3 Reality Break #2: Tangent City

Enjoy this bonus edition of our regular TVx3 podcast in which Amrie and Rae take a break to talk about their reality TV.

It's finale in network reality TV-land and we've got plenty to say about the final leg of The Amazing Race and the final Tribal Council on Survivor: Gabon. Did our favorites win? What'd we think of how everything went down? Listen and find out. Plus, we catch up on the past few weeks of Top Chef and a mention of Amrie's recent interview with Donny Osmond about his new show Rediscovered reminds Rae of run-in she had with the Osmond family at an airport once. We also talk a bit about Howie Mandel's new show Howie Do It and the finale of Scream Queens. And, ummm, stick around to the end for a special holiday “treat” from us.

Want to share your thoughts on the finales of The Amazing Race and Survivor? Or is there a reality show you think we should be watching? Give our listener line a call at 213-985-3176 to share.


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