TVx3 E066: The One With the Short Run Time

The TV times Three crew started things off this week with some recent TV related news that included HBO ordering 35 more episodes of Real Time With Bill Maher and having renewed Treme for a second season, MyNetworkTV picking up the off cable rights to both Burn Notice and Monk, Seth Meyers of Saturday Night Live being chosen to host the 2010 ESPY Awards, American Idol‘s music director Ricky Minor going to replace Kevin Eubanks on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Syfy picking up WWE Friday Night Smackdown and moving some of their shows that air on Fridays to Tuesdays beginning in the Fall, NBC having reportedly picked up Law & Order: Los Angeles, TBS signing on Conan O'Brien to do a late night show, and USA having renewed Burn Notice for two more seasons past it's yet to air fourth.

Then, they talked a little Primetime that included The Amazing Race S.16 Ep.9, 24 S.8 Ep.17, Life Unexpected S.1 Ep.13 (Season Finale), Lost S.6 Ep.12, Glee S.1 Ep.14, and Supernatural S.5 Ep.18, which was the shows 100th episode.

So, what did you think of this episode? What did you think of the 100th episode of Supernatural? Did you love the return of Glee? Do you hope there will be a second season of Life Unexpected? Let us know in the comments, send us an email, or connect via Twitter.

Show Notes


  1. I agree w/ what u said about LifeUnexpected but the triangle isn’t the focus of the story.. S1 was divided for both lux’s issues and cate, baze going through all the family stuff.. the love angle is the focus of the last 2 episodes since I think it’s logical to happen & will certainly bring so much for S2……… that’s what I have to say ..

    otherwise, you make the TV reviews much fun with ur honest opinions.. even though u spoiled me with that 24 spoiler but I can live with that ^_^

    keep it up guys <3

  2. Hey gang,

    Okay this is going to be on a bunch of different subjects so hang in there okay?

    First- in episode 65 (or was it 64?) you guys mentioned the Degrassi season 10 pick up. There is a reason why this is ‘news’ worthy. The series was picked up for 48 episodes.

    24 of the episodes will be airing in a 4 day a week ‘telenovela’ format, with the final 24 airing in a once a week format later in the year.

    Teennick (formally the N) is testing out this format for future programing, so this ‘could’ be the way that the soap opera genera survives, as well as bring new content to the Tennnick audience.

    With that said I have been disappointed with Degrassi these past few seasons, so hopefully it will improve with season 10.

    Next up; Primeval! Seriously no one on here told me that it had been saved from the clutches of death to be picked up for a season 4 and 5!????? seriously? I mean come on guys get on the ball! (LOL! J/k, but wanted to bug you guys)

    Anyways lets see what else i can rant about real fast.

    *crickets* ….okay so i don’t have much more to talk about… but is anyone watching Parenthood? I watched the pilot late last night and I fell in love with that series! Now i just need to find the time to catch up, and with the show being picked up for a second season, it looks like I can actually enjoy the series without worrying about it being axed.

    Can’t wait for #67, keep up the great work!


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