TVx3 E077: Fall TV Preview 2010 – FOX & NBC

This week is the second part of our Fall TV Preview 2010, where we cover FOX & NBC. We covered Cable & The CW in part one and will talk about ABC & CBS next week.

We started thing off with some TV related news items including Will Forte leaving Saturday Night Live, AMC giving The Walking Dead a fall premiere date, and Food Network's third season of The Next Iron Chef.

Then, we talked about what's coming to FOX and NBC for Fall 2010. We went over the schedules, premiere dates, and gave our first impressions of FOX's new shows Lone Star, Raising Hope and Running Wilde and NBC's new shows Chase, The Event, Law & Order: Los Angeles, Outlaw, Outsourced and Undercovers.

Lastly, in our Primetime segment, we talked about Warehouse 13 S.2 Ep.8, Psych S.5 Ep.6, Eureka S.4 Ep.8, Haven S.1 Ep.8, and the series finale of Persons Unknown.

So, what FOX and NBC Fall 2010 TV shows are you looking forward too? What did you think of the body switching antics on Warehouse 13? Let us know in the comments, send us an email, or connect via Twitter.

Show Notes


  1. I assume the “you know the drill” by Rae at the end was a reference to 90210? I didn’t really watch the show, but my brothers say “This is Dylan, you know the drill” far too often.
    I will give everything at least a pilot watch…then I will decide what stays or goes. Interested in seeing “Outsourced” despite the bad hype–and Amrie, I’m ashamed to admit that I watched all the aired episodes of Hank. 🙂
    For FOX, really looking forward to the return of Fringe and Human Target, also interested to see what they do with Bones with the 1 year gap that was talked about at the end of last season. For NBC, based on the promos really interested in seeing The Event, and the return of Chuck.

  2. Should I watch The Event? I think I put it on my DVR. I am almost not excited about anything new. Except maybe Hawaii 5No and shirtless Alex O’Laughlin because, come on, everyone knows I watch TV for the eye candy. I wasn’t a huge fan of Nikita but I will give it a few more episodes. I am most excited that Caprica is now coming back in October!!!!!

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