TVx3 E136: A Look at the Fall 2012 TV Schedule & Season Finales Talk

On Episode 136, Amrie (@mytakeontv), Jason (@theTVaholic), and Rae (@raelee) talked a little TV news, took a look ahead at the Fall 2012 TV schedule and then discussed the seventh season finale of How I Met Your Mother, the first season finale of Hart of Dixie, the eighth season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, the series premiere of Common Law, and the second season finale of Sherlock.

TV News (00:01:21)

We briefly talked about the following four TV related news stories:

A Brief Look at the Fall 2012 TV Schedule (00:04:25)

We went through the 2012 Fall TV Schedule day by day and talked about where new shows will be playing and old shows will be moving and what shows we are looking forward to checking out.

  • Sunday (00:04:59)
  • Monday (00:07:31)
  • Tuesday (00:11:54)
  • Wednesday (00:17:44)
  • Thursday (00:21:56)
  • Friday (00:27:00)
  • Saturday (00:30:01)

Then we each answer the following five questions: (00:30:26)

  • What show are you most sad about its cancellation?
  • What show that you thought might be canceled are you most happy about its renewal?
  • What show are you kinda happy is gone?
  • What is you most anticipated new fall show?
  • What timeslot looks like it will be your most crowded?

Primetime (00:40:11)

We talked about the following five shows from the week of Monday, May 14th thru Sunday, May 20th:

  • How I Met You Mother – S.7 Ep.23&24, “The Magician’s Code” (Season Finale) (00:40:18)
  • Hart of Dixie – S.1 Ep.22, “The Big Day” (Season Finale) (00:47:32)
  • Grey’s Anatomy – S.8 Ep.24, “Flight” (Season Finale) (00:53:57)
  • Common Law – S.1 Ep.1, “Pilot,” (Series Premiere) & Ep.2, “Ride-Along” (01:04:09)
  • Sherlock – S.2 Ep.3, “The Reichenbach Fall” (Season Finale) (01:10:50)

Amrie’s Reality Check (01:18:25)

Amrie touched on recent episodes of Survivor, The Next Food Network Star, and The Bachelorette.


What did you think about the seventh season finale of How I Met Your Mother? Did you like the series premiere of Common Law? Have you been watching Sherlock? Let us know what you think in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. You three were hilarious this week! And I was shocked to hear how little TV Rae watches these days!

    1. miss most: Missing
    2. happy surprise: Fringe
    3. glad gone: I Hate My Teenage Daughter
    4. most anticipated: Revolution for Fall and The Following for mid-season
    5. busiest timeslot: most days I have 3 things every hour, though Sundays at 9pm, I have more if I include cable shows like Dexter

  2. Wow you talked about me alot this week. Weirdos!

    First, Homework:
    1. miss most – nothing. I gave up tons of shows this year (not as many as Rae apparently) Well, maybe Breaking In.
    2. happy surprise – honestly? Supernatural. Not that I thought the CW would cancel it but come on.
    3. glad gone – any of those crap 30 minute “comedies” Rob, How to be a Gentleman, ect. How does this crap get on TV?
    4. anticipated show for fall – Revolution. And that Ben & Kate. It looked cute
    5. It’s always going to be the 3rd hour on Monday for me. Castle, Hawaii 50 and now Revolution.

    I’ll be honest here, I’ll be checking out most of the new CW stuff. Just because I am a 13 year old girl. Mob Doctor looks delicious. 666 Park Ave at least at first because there is nothing else on and Sunday nights are a nightmare for me because Monday work sucks. I’ll probably try and check out most everything at least once or twice.

  3. So Hart of Dixie – I don’t HATE George although, seriously, how douchey is it to dump your fiance the day of the wedding and go hit on another chick right away? I don’t get how half the town is in love with Zoe and the other half is all over Lemon. But whatever. It’s all about Wade and everyone knows it.

    What was that show? Common Law? When you started talking about it I was like “what is THAT show” and then Amrie starts her recap and I am all OH! I only watched about 15 minutes and couldn’t get into it. Again, I am 13 and I have to have a crush on someone on the show to watch it. It’s all about the eye candy. If now eye candy it must be compelling in some way and this show didn’t do it for me.

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