TVx3 E275: Arrow Jane the Brooklyn iZombie

Get The Good Wife Episodes via Amazon Instant VideoOn episode 275, Jason (@theTVaholic) and Rae (@raelee) are joined by Kyle Nolan (@kyool) from (@NoReruns) to talk some renewal news and then look ahead to the Fall 2015 TV season followed by a discussion of the season finales of Jane the Virgin, Arrow, The Blacklist and Brooklyn Nine-Nine and a recent episode of iZombie. Plus, a TV recommendation at the end. (Start times of each segment/topic)

News (00:02:13)

We talked about the following four TV news stories:

Early Look at the 2015 Fall TV Schedule (00:05:55)

We went through the week (Sunday-Saturday) and went over the announced Fall 2015 TV schedule and then talked a bit about the new shows that interest us and some of the moves and programming decisions. New shows we touched on are listed below for each day.

  • Sunday – ABC’s Of Kings & Prophets and OIL. (00:06:26)
  • Monday – CBS’ Life in Pieces and Supergirl, FOX’s Minority Report and NBC’s Blindspot. (00:08:40)
  • Tuesday – ABC’s The Muppets and Quantico, CBS’ Code Black, FOX’s Grandfathered, The Grinder and Scream Queens and NBC’s Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris and Heartbreaker. (00:14:20)
  • Wednesday – CBS’ Limitless and FOX’s Rosewood. (00:21:21)
  • Thursday – CBS’ Angel From Hell and Life in Pieces and NBC’s Heroes Reborn and The Player. (00:23:26)
  • Friday – ABC’s Dr. Ken and NBC’s People are Talking. (00:26:57)
  • Saturday (00:29:20)
  • What new fall show/s are you most looking forward to as of now? (00:29:47)

Primetime (00:31:45)

We used the specific episodes listed below as a jumping off point to discuss the following five TV shows:

  • Jane the Virgin – S.1 Ep.22, “Chapter Twenty-Two” (Season Finale) (00:31:53)
  • iZombie – S.1 Ep.9, “Patriot Brains” (00:40:20)
  • Arrow – S.3 Ep.23, “I Am Oliver Queen” (Season Finale) (00:51:18)
  • The Blacklist – S.2 Ep.22, “Masha Rostova” (Series Finale) (01:04:40)
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine – S.2 Ep.23, “Johnny and Dora” (Season Finale) (01:12:20)

TV Recommendations (01:21:01)

  • Kyle recommended Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black – What via Blu-ray (S.1-2), DVD (S.1-2) or of course Netflix.

Were you as glad to see The CW’s Arrow Season 3 come to an end as we were? Did you like how the first season of The CW’s Jane the Virgin ended? Are you confused about what is happening on NBC’s The Blacklist? Did you like FOX’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine as much as we do? Are you watching The CW’s iZombie? Did you enjoy this week’s guest? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter @TVtimesThree, or Like us on Facebook.


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