TVx3 E332: San Diego Comic-Con Recap 2016

San Diego Comic-Con 2016On episode 332, Jason (@theTVaholic) and Rae (@raelee) are joined by Kyle Nolan (@kyool) from (@NoReruns) to talk some cancelation and renewal news and then recap our adventures at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. Plus, some TV recommendations at the end. (Start times of each segment/topic)

News (00:01:42)

We mentioned the following seven TV news stories:

San Diego Comic-Con Recap 2016 (00:05:23)

We talked about all the things we did (the dinners, the outside installations, the panels, the parties, the pressrooms and more) while down in San Diego for Comic-Con 2016 by answering the following nine questions:

  • What was the best panel you attended each day?
  • What did you do and see on the convention floor each day?
  • What was the best pressroom you attended each day? – Check out all of our Comic-Con coverage at, and We’ll be posting all the video interviews we participated in as we get them edited and uploaded in the coming days and weeks. You can also follow our YouTube Channels: KyoolTube, MyTakeonTV and theTVaholic.
  • What was the worst pressroom you attended each day?
  • What was the best event you attended at night?
  • Did you go through any of the stuff setup outside the convention center?
  • What was the best/weirdest/strangest thing you saw while roaming around?
  • What was the best piece of swag you came back with?
  • What are your best memories/stories/etc. of Comic-Con 2016?

TV Recommendations (01:58:36)

Did you go to San Diego Comic-Con 2016? Did you stop by Sweet Things San Diego? What did you most enjoy doing at Comic-Con? Did you have a favorite panel? Did you checkout any of the outside the convention installations? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter @TVtimesThree, or Like us on Facebook.

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