TVx3 E024: So Long

This week it was just Amrie and Jason chatting about TV, as Rae was off visiting family. She will be back next week. Well, actually she and Amrie will be attending a few of the Paley Fest panels and will probably be recording a podcast while there.

We started things off with some news about Prison Break, Fringe, Eli Stone, Dirty Sexy Money, Kings, Melrose Place, and the fuss over Dollhouse in the Twittersphere.

Then we moved on to the topic of TV show series finales, where we talked about some of the series ending episodes that fizzled and the ones that sizzled. We touched on some of the more recent series finales, like ER and Life on Mars, to those from the past, like Cheers, M*A*S*H, Newhart and many others.

After talking series finales, we moved on to our primetime wrap-up, where we talked about Chuck, House, Fringe, Lost, Harper's Island, Parks & Recreation, although that led us to mostly talking about The Office, and Southland.

Next time the ladies will be talking about Paley Fest. We'd like to hear from you on what panels you are attending or wish that you could be. So, if you've got thoughts on that subject, comments about this weeks episode, or have a topic suggestion for us, use the SnapVine widget in the right column, leave a comment below, email us, or connect via Twitter.

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