TVx3 E041: The CW Fall Preview 2009

This week we take a look at the Fall 2009 TV schedule and see what's coming to The CW. Find out what we think about The Beautiful Life, the new Melrose Place, The Vampire Diaries, and the rest of The CW's Fall schedule with premiere dates for each show. Also, we talk a little about their midseason show, Life UneXpected.

Next, we answered Johnathon's question that he left in the comments on Ep.38 about how we decide what shows to drop with so many new and returning shows about to start back up again.

But, first we chatted about a few news items: Lifetime renewing Drop Dead Diva for a second season, Syfy renewing Warehouse 13 for a second season, BET looking to bet back in The Game, and MTV remaking the BBC show Skins.

After covering our news and topics, we talked a bit about The Closer, 10 Things I Hate About You, Royal Pains, Eureka, Psych, and Drop Dead Diva.

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Next week we will be doing our FOX Fall Preview 2009 episode. We'll be talking about what's new and returning to FOX in the Fall.

Show Notes

Searching for “blonde surfer picture 90210” at Google does get you to a 90210 related story, just not the one Amrie was talking about.

Watch the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ending from Psych “High Noon-ish”:


  1. Sorry it took me so long to comment but I left my post it at work over the weekend!

    ZooBorns – I saw that baby monkey! Too cute!

    Vampire Diaries – Ian Summerholder – I KNEW there was something wrong with his face! He’s the same guy but not the same guy. It’s weird. And creepy.

    I agree that the ex on Royal Pains is creepy. Tuck. Why would any sane woman pick him over what’s his face the main guy ( I cannot remember anyone’s name tonight)

    I am so excited for Supernatural to come back I can hardly stand it. I have been to busy for spoilers so I am about as spoiler free as I can be (which is still a little spoiled) but 10 days! Yeah!

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