TVx3 E046.5: Special NYC Edition

Amrie and Rae were together in New York City last week. What better reason for a special edition of the podcast? That and we realized we hadn't talked about reality in weeks and here was a chance to get caught up. And get caught up we did! We talk about the premiere of The Amazing Race, our thoughts on this season of Top Chef and Project Runway, as well as Flipping Out and Survivor. Plus Rae explains why she thinks Bravo and JetBlue have formed an evil alliance and what new show she's watching because of it.

But that's not all! We also recapped our visit to the “set” of the new USA show White Collar where we met Matthew Bomer, Timothy DeKay, TIffani Thiessen, and Willie Garson. And we even include a few clips from our interviews with Tiffani and Willie.

Plus, we give our immediate reactions to last week's Glee (“The Rhodes Not Taken”). There may be some singing. And a special guest.

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PS: I know this is episode 46 isn't up yet and here is 46 1/2 but, due to technical difficulties while recording the last episode, Jason has had to do more editing than usual. And, as he's off on some adventures of his own this week, I'm putting this up out of order so that you'll have something new to listen to while you wait for the new episode.

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