TVx3 E039: Books & Movies That Could Be TV Shows, Oh My!

This week took a look at our bookshelves and movie and TV show collections and thought about which ones would do well in one of the other formats. Like, what books would make a good TV series or what movie we'd like to see become a weekly TV show.

But, first we chatted about a couple news items: TNT's HawthoRNe getting a second season and ABC setting a premiere date for V to debut on Tuesday, November 3rd.

After covering our news and topic, we talked a bit about The Closer, So You Think You Can Dance, Burn Notice, Psych, and In Plain Sight.

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So, on the next episode we will be doing the first of our Fall Preview episodes. We'll be talking about what the cable landscape will look like in the Fall.


  1. Just leaving a quick comment for now. Listening to the topic for this week, and wanted to point out that the Transformers movie was of course adapted from TV to begin with (well cartoon… go the 80’s!)

    As for movie adaptations – I’m surprised that I’m actually guiltily enjoying 10 things I hate about you (but it’s a guilty pleasure not a serious love!).
    Empire Records would personally be amazing to me – there were so many threads of storyline within that film, and the world created by the store would I think really work.

  2. Rae – your not the only one that liked the end of Veronica Mars… it had a really nice symmetry for Veronica… all things came full circle and she seemed back where she started! (But I’d kinda like to have a movie, purely because I wanna see Francis Capra back in work!)

  3. I honestly meant to comment on this topic *before* it made it to the podcast, but I guess I’m slow on the uptake! I’m a huge bookworm, so there have been a lot of books (mostly series too) that I could see being made into TV. But at the same time, I’d hate to see my favourite characters be “ruined” in the process. I love the Stephanie Plum novels, and agree that would be pretty awesome. Another series I would love to see come to TV is the Myron Bolitar novels of Harlan Coban. Now, maybe you guys can confirm/deny this for me, but when I was into the Bones fandom, I thought I’d heard that Hart Hanson (Bones creator) was given the rights to bring Myron to television. Not sure on this, since I haven’t heard anything official since that time.

    I really liked the Princess Diaries novels, and I know there are two movies (the second one stunk, imho) – but I could see this being made into a TV series, aimed at tweens or teens. Or even late-twenties like me, who think they’re still teens.

    TV shows to movies … I don’t know that I’ve seen this successfully done at this point. Examples I can reference, where I was majorly disappointed, were the Firefly movie, Dead Like Me movie, and … nope, that’s it. Going back to books-to-tv/movie .. as a teen I got into female PI books, and loved VI Warshawski, but was insanely angry and disappointed with the movie that came out of it. Maybe this could be re-adapted to TV?

    Anyway – that’s my rambly thoughts on the matter. Loved the podcast, the giggles, and the return of Robot Rae! You guys are awesome.

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