TVx3 E051: So You Think the Supernatural Sons of Glee Met Your Mother

First off we went over a few news items: The Who performing at this season's Super Bowl, An unseen “Pilot” episode of the original Star Trek coming to Blu-ray in December, FOX officially canceling Dollhouse, ABC canceling Hank and Eastwick, but adding to the number of the forgotten episodes, Neilson data showing the average American watches four hours and 49 minutes of TV a day, CBS optioned the @shitmydadsays twitter account to be turned into a series, and The CW has finally set a date for their best new offering of the season, Life UneXpected and the merry-go-round scheduling The CW will be doing on Mondays next year.

Next, we jumped right into our Primetime Wrap-up segment and talked a bit about Stargate Universe S.1 Ep.7, The Amazing Race S.15 Ep.7, How I Met Your Mother S.5 Ep.7, The Big Bang Theory S.3 Ep.7, So You Think You Can Dance S.6 Ep.13, Sons of Anarchy S.2 Ep.10, Glee S.1 Ep.9, Supernatural S.5 Ep.9, and Thursday night comedies.

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