TVx3 E053: The Modern Sons of Gossip Think You Can FlashForward

To kick things off we went over a few news items including CBS pulling Three Rivers, ABC moving Ugly Betty to Wednesdays, Comcast taking control of NBC Universal, HBO's Entourage wanting to do movies, ABC pushing the return of FlashForward unitl March 2010, FX finally announcing a third season for Sons of Anarchy, FOX picking up Lie to Me for the entire season, TNT's cancellation of Raising the Bar, and USA giving Burn Notice a fourth season and Psych a fifth season, as well as them moving their schedule around to have new episodes on multiple nights come January.

Next, we jumped right into our Primetime Wrap-up segment and talked a bit about The Amazing Race S.15 Ep.9 & 10, House S.6 Ep.10, Gossip Girl S.3 Ep.11, Sons of Anarchy S.2 Ep.12 & 13, So You Think You Can Dance S.6 Ep.17 & 19, Glee S.1 Ep.11 & 12, Modern Family S.1 Ep.9, FlashForward S.1 Ep.10, White Collar S.1 Ep.6 & 7, Dollhouse S.2 Ep.5 & 6, and Monk S.8 Ep.16, the series finale.

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Show Notes


  1. 1) You guys crack me up!

    2) I love the White Collar talk. It made me think I and I am now thinking that Kate is all bad out there on her own and is the reason Neil went to jail.

    3) Peter can’t be bad. It would ruin the show.

    4) LOVE Matt Bomer

    5) I am another that has been watching Dollhouse since the beginning but it would have been so much better if we had skipped about half of the S1 “missions” and maybe got little explanations when Echo flashed. If we had skipped to the craziness of Alpha and what is going on this season? I think it might have survived Friday night.

    6) I really want Kathryn to win SYTYCD just because I love her. Ellenore and Jakob are great. I really loved this season. I won’t be really disappointed with anyone who wins. Everyone in the top 10 was good (except Nathan yuck) I so can’t wait for the tour to come through town!

  2. Hey guys! Long time no comment, i know I suck, but dang it collage kept me busy, but i never missed a show!

    Let’s see what to talk about …. Monk’s finale was really good, but I was really worried at the end of the episode that it would turn out to be Trudy’s daughter that was the murder victim…

    Gossip Girl…. GG is a rollarcoaster this season, i think its been really good at some points and really boring in others. Hopefully it will be back to the soapy awesomeness that we know it can be.

    GLEEEEEEEEEEEE I love this show, i mean seriously I cannot stop singing “It’s my life/confessions” *sigh*

    Flashforward was really good, and thank you Ameri for saying that it was Behrooz Araz’s Mother because that is exactly what i keep calling her everytime she’s on my screen. “Where’s Behrooz????” i keep asking her, unfortunately she doesn’t answer back…. stupid one way t.v!

    I haven’t watched White Collar or Sons of Anarcy yet, but i will have to test them out!

    Anyways thanks for your hard work! Love the show.

    P.s. Anyone still watching 90210/Melrose?

    Also thanks to your podcast I am now officially caught up on GREEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dances* it only took a year but I am finally ready and anticipating the rest of the season lol.

  3. Patty,

    1) We’re glad to hear it.
    2) You’re welcome.
    3) Agreed.
    4) He is very good.
    5) Don’t know if it would’ve survived, but pretty much agree.
    6) Don’t watch.


    Thanks for listening!
    Agreed on Monk series finale being really good.
    Agreed on Gossip Girl.
    Don’t quite love Glee as much as my podcasting partners, but it is really very good.
    You should check out White Collar and Sons of Anarchy. They are very different, but are both very good, with SoA being outstanding.
    Don’t tell anyone, but yes I’m still watching 90210 and Melrose Place.
    Glad to hear you caught up with Greek. I can’t wait for the rest of the season either. Will probably have more about it on our first episode back in 2010, as we will be previewing the Winter 2010 TV season.

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