TVx3 E054: Fall 2009 Revisited: The Good, the Bad & the Turned Out Not to Be Ugly

To start things off for our last episode of 2009, we went over a few news items including CBS giving Parenthood a premiere date, Supernatural beginning to replay in syndication on TNT, as well as their renewal of Dark Blue for a second season, Syfy renewing Stargate Universe for a second season and Sanctuary for a third, the announcement that there won't be a third season of HBO's Flight of the Conchords, and FX giving The League a second season.

Next we hit on a couple of topics. First we talked about the things we liked, disliked and were surprised by during the Fall 2009 TV season. Then, we ran through a few shows and there return dates in early January, which doesn't include House and Fringe returning with new episodes on Monday, January 11th, as that was announced after we recorded.

Next, we jumped into our Primetime Wrap-up segment and talked about The Amazing Race S.15 Ep.11, the season finale, How I Met Your Mother S.5 Ep.10 & 11, Better Off Ted S.2 Ep.1 & 2, So You Think You Can Dance S.6 Ep.21, Glee S.1 Ep.13, Dollhouse S.2 Ep.7 & 8, and Dexter S.4 Ep.12, the season finale.

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Show Notes


  1. I loved fashion with Amrie! totally looking forward to 2010. And the biggest surprise for me was Vampire Diaries. Totally expected it to suck and I love it. Can’t wait for Chuck to return.

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