TVx3 E056: Better Off Chuck

We started off the episode by discussing the Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien and NBC debacle, talking about what NBC's schedule will look like post Winter Olympics/The Jay Leno Show, the return of Jennifer Morrison to House on FOX, ABC Family renewing The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Make It or Break It for another season, ABC renewing The Middle, Modern Family and Cougar Town for second seasons, Lifetime's Cancellation of Rita Rocks, Simon Cowell quitting American Idol to work on X Factor for FOX, Glee getting a second season on FOX, Howie Mandel replacing David Hasselhoff on America's Got Talent, Haiti telethon pushing back return date of The CW's Smallville and the series finale of FOX's Dollhouse, and CBS green-lighting Hawaii Five-O and who the rumored might be.

Next, we talked a little Primetime that included the first three episodes of Chuck S.3, How I Met Your Mother S.5 Ep.12, their 100th episode, and Better Off Ted S.2 Ep.8 & Ep.9.

Lastly, Amrie and Jason updated their progress on watching The West Wing and Buffy the Vampire Slayer through for the first time, respectively.

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Show Notes


  1. Just a comment on Chuck. I think Chuck’s not telling Sara the real reason he didn’t want to run away with her was a total dude thing to do and pretty much a Chuck thing. He’s had problems telling Sara how he feels and fumbles around it all the time. The fact he skirted around it ended up working for him in the long run (I hope) because she got to watch the video and I think that made her love him more. And I DO think she loves him. Plus Chick does not do well under pressure so again. It was a Chuck reason.

    I am loving it so far as a whole. Casey is gold and is Awesome. Not like I would miss it but now I can’t wait until Monday. I so end up wishing my life away waiting for my TV shows!

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