TVx3 E055: Winter TV Preview 2010

To start things off on our first episode of 2010, we went talked a bit about what we did over our Christmas hiatus. Amrie has been watching The West Wing, Jason has been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Rae has been playing with her Wii.

Next we went through a few recent TV related news stories like NBC's Leno/Conan fiasco, FOX yanking Our Little Genius from the Winter 2010 lineup, CBS announcing a premiere date for Miami Medical, CBS moving Accidentally on Purpose and Rules of Engagement taking its place, ABC extending the season order of Cougar Town by a couple episodes, James Van Der Beek joing the cast of NBC's Mercy, and Amrie's excitement about some of the Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains casting news.

Then, it was time for the Winter TV preview. We went over what shows will be premiering and returning in late January and February 2010. We mentioned which ones we are excited for their return and which new shows look good. Find out what we thought of returning shows like TNT's Leverage and new shows like The CW's Life Unexpected, FOX's Human Target and FX's Archer

Lastly, we talked a little Primetime that included Rae winning the So You Think You Can Dance fantasy league, Make It or Break It S.1 Ep.11, and the last few episodes of Better Off Ted season two that have aired.

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Show Notes


  1. Hey gang,

    SO glad you are back! For some reason i didn’t notice that you were back until yesterday so I got to listen to two episodes back-to-back! YAY!

    Okay what i watched over the ‘break’

    Beverly hills 90210 (Season 9/10) – I finished that series! Thank god, it was good, it was fun, but i am glad that i am done with it…but then again I would take it back in an instant if it was back on over the ‘new 90210’ *shiver*

    Since i finished BH:90210 of course i had to check out its sibling show right?

    Melrose Place (Season 1-5) – I watched all of Melrose that is released on DVD! It was fun, but it was sooo plot pointed, i really don’t think I really ‘care’ about any of the characters, but the plots kept me watching.

    And now i am kinda watching Dallas! But considering the t.v. season is back on I guess it will be awhile before i finish that series, but I hope to be caught up before the Revamp airs lol.

    Oh come on you have to watch “The Wretched Beast” It is bad, it is awful, and it does kinda make you want to bash your head against the wall, but a unwatched DVD is just WRONG! LOL + I would love to hear you compare / contrast the writing on The West Wing (Which is on my list of shows to watch now) to the writing on “The Wretched Beast”

    I have never watched Buffy, but i am interested in checking it out, and considering how much you are enjoying it I might have to do that soon.

    YAY Wii! LOL

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