TVx3 E070: Summer TV Preview 2010, Plus Season/Series Finales Talk

In the first half of the episode we did our Summer TV Preview 2010. We went through the week and talked about the shows playing each day and their premiere dates. Then we talked about what new shows look good and what returning shows we are excited to back on their TV screens for each day. This included thoughts on the premiere episodes of new shows like ABC's Rookie Blue and The Gates, ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars and Huge, TBS' Are We There Yet? and Neighbors From Hell, and TNT's Memphis Beat and Rizzoli & Isles.

In the second half of the show, during the Primetime segment, we talked about a few season and series finales. The season finales covered were Chuck S.3, The Vampire Diaries S.1, Grey's Anatomy S.6, and Supernatural S.5. The series finales covered were 24 and Lost.

So, what did you think? What new show for Summer 2010 are you most looking forward to so far? What about the season finale episodes of Chuck and The Vampires Diaries or the series finale episodes of 24 and Lost? Let us know in the comments, send us an email, or connect via Twitter.

Show Notes


  1. Really looking forward to “Scoundrels” but am a bit wary as this would make the 4th version of this show (that I know of)–the original NZ “Outrageous Fortune” is great, the UK remake “Honest” was pretty much a scene-for-scene copy, never saw the US unaired pilot “Good Behavior”, and this latest remake looks like it could be another scene-for-scene copy based on the commercials. I hope they add something of their own to the show–especially since the original doesn’t have the limits a US netowork tv show has.

    My favorite season/series finale of the year had to be Grey’s–it was wonderful–complete suspense throughout!

  2. Just realized–i don’t think you mentioned the return of new Futurama episodes to Comedy Central starting June 24! Really looking forward to that!

  3. I enjoyed the reflections on the finales alot. Especially the reviewer who was speaking about Grey’s (sorry I forgot her name). Her observations were identical to mine and she’s pretty hilarious. Thanks you guys.

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