TVx3 E071: 2009-10 TV Season Roundtable

Started things off with a little news including ABC's decision to officially pass on picking up Ghost Whisperer and The New Adventures of Old Christine, Cartoon Network rebooting the 1980s animated series ThunderCats, and A&E having moved the series premiere date of The Glades from June 13th to Sunday, July 11th.

Next, we did a little 2009-10 TV Season Roundtable, where each of us answered the following questions:

  • What was your favorite new show from the past season?
  • What show, if any, did you give up on this past season?
  • What new show did you think you were going to like, but didn't?
  • What new show did you think you weren't going to like, but did?
  • What cancellation was the most disappointing?
  • What show can't you believe didn't get canceled?

Then, during the Primetime segment, we talked about Glee S.1 Ep.20 & 21, So You Think You Can Dance S.7 Auditions, Burn Notice S.4 Ep.1, Royal Pains S.2 Ep.1, and Friday Night LightsS.4 Ep.5.

Lastly, we previewed a few more summer offerings including ABC's Scoundrels, ABC Family's Huge, and Syfy's four-hour movie The Phantom.

So, how would you answer the roundtable questions? What about the last couple of episodes of Glee leading into the first season finale? Did you cry like a baby over Friday Night Lights too? Let us know in the comments, send us an email, or connect via Twitter.

Show Notes

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  1. Favorite show and show I was most surprised I loved? Vampire Diaries. I hated the pilot too and had to try 3 times to get into the show but by the end of the 2nd episode? All in, baby!

    Guess what I gave up on? OTH. Over.

    Show I thought I would like but don’t? Parenthood. I watched like 4 episodes and then something happened. I might try and catch up this summer but no promises.

    As far as cancellations go, I can’t think of anything. I hate 2 and a Half Men so it should not be on my TV ever.

    I must mention FNL because I just finished NYNY last night in my first series of summer TV catchup and was just sitting on the edge of the couch by the end. I think this show is fabulous and I knew something huge happened last week and now I know what! I love the guy that plays Matt and think he has grown as an actor SO much over the years. I should be totally caught up by the weekend.

    As for Glee, I was not all that impressed with the last few episodes and the one Funk episode creaped me the eff out so I was very happy with the finale and cant’ wait to hear your thoughts.

    I am waiting to see how I fair with the new SYTYCD format. I am not excited to see only 10 finalists but if the actual dancing is great? I will be ok.

    When does Big Brother start? I need that.

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