TVx3 E086: The One Where Amrie Was Right About Greek, Greek, Greek

We've got a big episode this week jam packed with lots of TV show discussions, as we jump into our Primetime segment right away.


We talked about the following 12 shows:

  • Shameless – The first three episodes
  • Chuck – S.4 Ep.12, “Chuck Versus the Gobbler”
  • How I Met Your Mother – S.6 Ep.13, “Bad News” & Ep.14, “Last Words”
  • Being Human – Series Premiere, “There Goes the Neighborhood, Part I”
  • Greek – S.4 Ep.4, “All About Beav”
  • The Next Great Baker – S.1 Ep.7
  • Castle – S.3 Ep.13, “Knockdown”
  • White Collar – S.2 Ep.10, “Burke's Seven” & Ep.11, “Forging Bonds”
  • Top Chef: All Stars
  • Bones – S.6
  • Fairly Legal – Series Premiere, “Pilot”
  • Primeval – S.4 Ep.5

What do you think of the U.S. remakes of Being Human and Shameless? What did you think about the White Collar flashback episode? Do you think that Chuck has been as good this season as we do? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. While the US Shameless episode 3 may not have been an exact copy of the UK episode 3, all of the items are still culled from various UK series 1 episodes. There hasn’t been much original stuff in the US series (episode 4 is the same way, and based on the trailer, it looks like episode 5 is also a copied plot from the UK).

    In regards to Rae’s concerns about the UK version of Being Human being abrupt–there was a test pilot that was filmed/aired a year before series 1 which showed how they all came together–in exactly the same way they came together in the US version. For some reason, it was not on the DVD/Blu-ray. Perhaps since they had different actors for the vampire and ghost. So the US show was a complete scene-for-scene copy from the UK version. The only main difference was the person trapped in the room was the sister of the werewolf instead of an ex-girlfriend.

    I couldn’t watch Next Great Baker since it had that annoying Cake Boss guy as a host. Otherwise, if it had been a Bravo or FoodTV show I probably would have been watching.

    I have been really enjoying Chuck this season–Timothy Dalton is great! They have found a nice blend of the comedy and action. I think the lack of will they/won’t they has also added to the enjoyment.

    The White Collar flashback was a lot of fun, but I agree with Rae about WC not being a have to see it right away show.

    I don’t really mind Hannah in Bones. I am sick of the will they/won’t they–wish they would just drop that whole plot line and just have Bones move on. The character I find useless is Sweets. I still don’t understand how/why they manage to work in a psychiatrist into every story.

    The Fairly Legal pilot felt very slow moving to me. Like Jason, I also cringed at the “she’s behind me isn’t she?” line. However, I really enjoyed the second episode–which had a good cliffhanger/question at the end.

  2. Hey all,

    Just wanted to say another excellent podcast! keep up the great work! Can’t wait to hear Rea and Amrie’s take on the Primeval finale coming up!

    Right now the only two shows I am actively watching are Greek and Primeval… oh and V… What are you guys thinking of the new season of V? Right now I am enjoying it, but if it was to get axed I wouldn’t exactly shed a tear over it.

    Till episode 87!

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