TVx3 E088: The One With More Cultural Learnings

On this episode Myles from, where he reviews and analyzes the goings-on in TV land, joined us to talk some TV. You can also find him on Twitter @memles. Myles was previously on with us for Ep.26 back in April 2009.


TV Shows on DVD Picks

Our picks for TV on DVD sets being released Tuesday, February 15th:


We talked about the following seven shows:

  • Chuck – S.4 Ep.13, “Chuck Versus the Push Mix”
  • The Good Wife – S.2 Ep.12, “Silly Season” – AVClub review mentioned by Myles.
  • Being Erica – S.3 Ep.2, “Moving On Up”
  • Community – S.2 Ep.14, “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons”
  • Fringe – S.3 Ep.12, “Concentrate and Ask Again”
  • Glee – S.2 Ep.11, “The Sue Sylvester Shuffle” – Ian Brennan interview and the theory of the 3 Glees mentioned by Myles.
  • Shameless – S.1 Ep.4, “Casey Casden” & Ep.5, “Three Boys”

Have you been watching Fringe? What did you think about the Glee post Super Bowl episode? Do you think that The Good Wife is as good as we do? What did you think of this week's guest? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. Great discussion on the British TV “remakes”–as for the infamous bathtub scene, it was identical to the same UK scene. I liked Jason’s comment about the show seeming to be doing lots of stuff purely to push the limits of cable tv as that is probably how I would have felt had I had not already seen the UK version.

    Myles was a great, insightful guest host–I think that’s the most in-depth discussion about specific shows that I’ve heard on this podcast. I don’t know if I had found your podcast yet the last time he guest hosted because I don’t remember hearing him before.

  2. I remember that Paley meeting!

    I am a little sad that Chase got pulled. I didn’t watch it when it first started but it was filmed in Dallas and I knew some people that were on it so I had stated watching it On Demand. And not even that is gone. It was fun to see my neighborhood on TV (much like The Good Guys)

    Glee, ok, here’s my new take on all the character spazing. I am going on the idea that at 16 you don’t know who you are or what you want so IRL you would be all over the place. It works for me so I don’t hate the show so much these days. Although the Super Bowl episode was a hot mess.

    The Good Wife is a great show. Even with it’s uneven parts/episodes, it’s just SO great overall, I can easily ignore any inconsistencies.

    UK shows – I am watching Shameless and Being Human and enjoying them both. Little miss steps in both but overall, I really like them both. I remember watching Ep1 of the UK version of Being Human and NOT liking it so I am almost surprised at how much I like the US version.

    I like the guest hosts but miss Rae!

    Shows: I know Amrie is no longer watching TVD (boo!) what about Supernatural? I am excited for some of the eps coming up. Are you guys going to Paley? Comic Con again?

  3. Patty, Rae will be back for Ep.90. I believe both Amrie and Rae are still watching Supernatural. Also, both Amrie and Rae are going to Paley, Amrie for the two weeks. As for Comic Con, I know I am going.

  4. Loving the longer podcasts and more in depth discussions of shows recently! Thanks for mentioning being Erica, I love that show and like to hear what others think about it. Would love some more Greek discussion now that the series it’s near it’s end *tears*
    Keep up the good work!

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