TVx3 E091: The One With the Spring TV Talk 2011

This week Curt from Show Patrol at Redeye Chicago joined us. He was with us once before on Ep.63, “The One With the Special Guest,” back on March 23rd, 2010. You can also find him on Twitter @ShowPatrol.

TV Show News

We talked about the following stories this week:

TV on DVD Picks

Curt and Jason both picked The Walking Dead: Season One [DVD] and/or The Walking Dead: Season One [Blu-ray] this week.

Spring TV Preview 2011

We took a look at what new and returning shows premiere this March and April. Shows we touched on included: Breaking In on FOX, Breakout Kings on A&E, Camelot on Showtime, Chaos on CBS, Friday Night Lights on NBC, Game of Thrones on HBO, Happy Endings on ABC, The Killing on AMC, Law & Order: Criminal Intent on USA Network, and Marcel's Quantum Kitchen and Stargate Universe on Syfy.


We talked about the following four shows:

  • The Chicago Code – S.1 Ep.3, “Gillis, Chase and Baby Face”
  • Southland – S.3 Ep.8, “Fixing a Hole”
  • Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior – S.1 Ep.1, “Two of a Kind” & Ep.2, “Lonely Hearts”
  • Raising Hope – S.1 Ep.14, “What Up, Cuz?”

What shows are you looking forward to for Spring 2011? Have you been watching The Chicago Code and Raising Hope? Are you sick of Charlie Sheen yet? What did you think about this week's guest? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. I like how Amrie has nailed the dramatic pauses set by Rae for the IODA Promo Net blurb!

    I’m really disappointed with Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. I am a huge fan of the original–one of my favorite procedural shows, but this is just awful. I’ve been continuing to watch but am about to jump ship. As Curt said, I haven’t found any of the cases interesting, and Penelope feels out of place (like she’s cheating on the real BAU team).
    I suspect (no pun intended) that, like I did with CSI, I will only continue to watch the original show and skip the offshoots.

    I didn’t realize so many new shows were going to be starting/starting back up–need to find a list and add all of these to my DVR. Looking forward to Breaking In. I enjoyed My Own Worst Enemy (I may have been the only one), so looking forward to seeing Christian Slater on TV again–and no, I haven’t forgotten to mention The Forgotten ;). I was also a big fan of Reaper and The Loop, so it will be good to have Bret Harrison back in a comedic TV role.

  2. Kyle, I liked My Own Worst Enemy too! I am looking forward to Breaking In too. I only just saw a commercial this week and was excited to see Christian Slater. How is it that there are so many new shows coming on in the next 6 weeks and I have heard of none of them? Is this what happens when you DVR everything? I manage o see the new Subaru commercials. Anyway, I like Breakout Kings so far. Do I love it like The Glades? No. But it’s a good Sunday night show for me. I am looking forward to Wonder Woman and Prime Suspect. At least on paper. I like who they have cast so it will get a chance from me. I was really going to dump my Showtime but they really do have some great shows. Loved Episodes by the end and really like Shameless. Also, love Chicago Code. It’s not a gotta watch it now show for me but it doesn’t sit on my DVR like, say, Glee. I am right there with the not watching Glee anymore. RIGHT THERE. It’s the only show I watch that makes me mad so it’s getting through the end of the season…You know what show I am loving? Being Human. And it was so unexpected. I didn’t like the first couple of episodes of the UK version I saw and so didn’t expect to like the US version. Jason, do you watch the UK version? How much are the story lines alike?

  3. Patty, so far the US Being Human really hasn’t strayed much from the UK show–the only majorly different plot line so far in the US show was the werewolf visiting his parents in episode 7–that didn’t happen in the first 2 seasons of the UK show. (Although episode 107 aired in the US the same week as 307 aired in the UK and they were eerily similar.)
    Also, the US uses the werewolf’s sister instead of his ex-fiancee in the UK version, and you didn’t really see her again after the 1st episode.
    Even the plot in the latest 2 episodes with the boy neighbor was only slightly different from the UK story. In the UK version it happened all in one episode–the boy found the DVD and his mother saw him watching, then there was this whole thing where the neighborhood hated them and wrote Paedophile on their door. The boy was playing in the street and got hit by a car. Then the mother apologized to vampire character for lying to the neighbors. He then “saved” the boy and brought him and his mother to the train station to disappear. So there wasn’t this plot where he wanted the boy as his son, or the fake-out to make him think the boy was a killer or him killing the boy. I liked that twist, and hopefully that will lead to some more interesting diverging plots from the UK show. I suspect there are a few other major plot items that will definitely be used from the UK show–one of which I’m surprised hasn’t come up yet. It seems like the US show is taking a little less than twice as many episodes to cover what was covered in a UK episode.

  4. I am pretty ok with the pacing of the US show at this point. Except for the werewolf dude that made Josh. Creepy and gross and I would have been ok with him gone in one episode. The only other issue I have is how quickly Sally’s ghosty friends leave the scene. She makes a friends and they are gone in one episode. I can’t see how her character is going to last for any period of time. I like her but where is she going to go? The spoiler whore in me is curious enough to possibly try and watch the UK version again but I like the US version enough to hold off for now.

  5. Patty, I have been watching Being Human UK. I’m watching S.3 right now as it plays on BBC America. As Kyle commented, the UK and US versions are very similar. They seem to be content, so far, with using the same stories, just in a slightly different manner. They are definitely developing the ghost storyline much slower in the US version, although most storylines are moving at a slower pace. That is probably due to the US version having many more episodes in a season. Yet, I am enjoying the US version.

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