TVx3 E142: Comic-Con 2012 Preview

On Episode 142, Amrie (@mytakeontv) and Jason (@theTVaholic) are joined by Sandrine Sahakians (@sosandrine) from (@tvequals) to cover some TV cancellations and renewals, preview Comic-Con 2012, discuss recent episodes of Bunheads, Saving Hope and Awkward., check in with some reality shows, and make some TV on DVD picks.

News (00:01:11)

We talked about the following seven news stories:

Comic-Con Preview 2012 (00:10:52)

We answered the following four questions about San Diego Comic-Con 2012:

  • What panels/pressrooms/shows are you most looking forward to each day?
  • What other events/things are you looking forward to during Comic-Con?
  • What smaller TV related panels would you recommend?
  • What one tip would you give a Comic-Con newbie?

Primetime (00:38:18)

We talked about the following three shows from the week of Monday, June 25th thru Sunday, July 1st:

  • Bunheads – S.1 Ep.3, “Inherit the Wind” (00:38:36)
  • Saving Hope – S.1 thus far (00:41:14)
  • Awkward. – S.2 Ep.1, “Resolutions” (Season Premiere) (00:45:17)

Amrie’s Reality Check (00:49:25)

Amrie talked a little about Around the World in 80 Plates, Design Star, The Next Food Network Star, and Beverly Hills Nannies.

TV on DVD Picks for Releases on Tuesday, July 10th (00:51:26)

Amrie and Jason picked The Glades: Season 2, as well as Warehouse 13: Season Three along with Sandrine.

Enter by July 17th, 2012 for a chance to win The Glades Season 2 on DVD at or by July 10th over at

Closing Remarks (00:52:45)

We talked a little bit about the upcoming schedule for the podcast with at least one week off for Comic-Con and you may want to stay tuned for the outtakes after the closing music.


Are you going to Comic-Con 2012? What are you looking forward to seeing there? Are you still enjoying Bunheads? What about the season two premiere of Awkward.? What do you think about Saving Hope? Let us know what you think in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. It was the Ringer panel that gave out the tripod “stools” last year. While it was great they started to tear and felt a bit unsafe, so my brother and I both threw them out before entering Hall H on Sunday. That said, I already picked up a new one to bring with me this year.

    The thing I’m most excited to see at Comic-Con is Breaking Bad, since they haven’t been there yet. Also interested in The Following and Revolution. However, if they are also showing the pilots at those panels (which I’ve seen), it doesn’t leave much time for actual Q&A. Looks like I will be doing my first press rooms ever (for the Syfy shows), so both excited and nervous for that. Also always look forward (*sniff*) to meeting up with you guys on Wednesday night and/or the NBC Party.

  2. I get excited for Comic Con every year even though I never go. The thought of all those people gives me a panic attack in my living room. BUT, I love watching all the stuff people post – pictures, videos (TVLine) and I sit and watch as much of the shenanigans on NerdHQ as I can. (so thank Zac Levi if you talk to him)

    Awkward is up there with New Girl for me. I watch every episode 3 or 4 times when they are new. I have even come to love Sadie this season. I hope they do some great things with her. Best love triangle ever. You like everyone and Jenna has great stuff with both Jake and Matty. That said – TEAM MATTY!!!

    Can’t wait to hear all the great stories. Pictures of Eric Balfour this year?

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