TVx3 E163: Winter TV Preview 2013

On episode 163, Jason (@theTVaholic) is joined by Danielle Turchiano (@danielletbd) of LA Examiner, Celebuzz!, and Made Possible By Pop Culture and the author of My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture and Curt Wagner (@ShowPatrol) of to take a look at what the January/February 2013 TV schedule looks like and discuss the fall finale of Arrow, the seventh season finale of Dexter and the second season finale of Homeland. (Start times of each segment/topic)

News (00:01:04)

We briefly talked about the following TV news story:

Winter TV 2013 (00:01:55)

We go over the Winter 2013 TV schedule and give you our thoughts on the new shows that we’ve seen ahead of time and what returning shows we are most looking forward to having back in January and February. We also give premiere/return dates as we went through the schedule day by day. The shows listed below are the ones that we spent the most time talking about.

  • Sunday – Returning shows Downton Abbey, The Good Wife and Shameless. (00:02:07)
  • Monday – New shows The Carrie Diaries, Continuum, Deception and The Following and returning shows Being Human, Bunheads and Dallas. (00:07:24)
  • Tuesday – New show Cult and returning shows Cougar Town, Justified, The Lying Game and Pretty Little Liars. (00:21:05)
  • Wednesday – New show The Americans and returning shows American Horror Story, Arrow, Nashville, Psych and Southland. (00:29:39)
  • Thursday – New shows Do No Harm and Zero Hour and returning shows Community, Scandal and Suits. (00:35:14)
  • Friday – New shows Banshee and Golden Boy and returning shows Fringe, Nikita and Portlandia. (00:47:31)
  • Saturday – New show Ripper Street and returning show Wedding Band. (00:56:01)

Primetime (00:59:00)

We talked about the following three shows:

  • Arrow – S.1 Ep.9, “Year’s End” (00:59:05)
  • Dexter – S.7 Ep.12, “Surprise, Motherf**ker!” (Season Finale) (01:06:16)
  • Homeland – S.2 Ep.12, “The Choice” (Season Finale) (01:12:54)

TV on DVD Pick for Tuesday, December 31st (01:20:55)

Jason and Curt picked Justified: The Complete Third Season.


Are you watching Arrow? What did you think of the second season finale of Homeland? Did you like how the seventh season of Dexter ended? What did you think of this week’s guests? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter @TVtimesThree, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. Really looking forward to Do No Harm and Zero Hour–enjoyed those pilots. I remember not liking Deception (or whatever it was called when I originally watched it), but I’ll give the pilot another watch. Also looking forward to Ripper Street, and the return of Psych and Shameless. And I just marathoned the first four episodes of The Following last night, so looking forward to more (though now that won’t be until February for me).

    As for Arrow, I’m still not sold on it–a bit too comic-booky for me. It’s not a show I am anxious to see each week–I usually don’t end up watching it until a few days after it airs, or the following weekend.

    Loved the Dexter finale (so opposite of what I was saying last year at this time about the show!) Can’t wait for next year’s final season! I really hope Jennifer Carpenter gets an Emmy nomination as she really deserves it this year.

    Homeland was a huge disappointment. I literally almost fell asleep during the finale–took over 40 minutes for something to finally happen. Plus, the main part of the show that I hate is the whole Carrie/Brody obsession/romance, and that is what they concentrated on. Brody should have set off his bomb and killed himself last season, or at the very least should have died this season. I don’t understand how these people are letting him live–who cares if he is/isn’t innocent of the event in the finale–we already know he’s a terrorist, and we don’t negotiate with terrorists!
    I really hope Brody is gone next season and they don’t focus on Carrie pining over him or trying to prove his “innocence”. I am one of those people that just want the action/thriller show–back like what 24 was in it’s heyday. The main problem I had with 24 (besides their constant mole issue) was that I wished it was 2-12-hour blocks instead of one 24-hour season as it was way too long and they lost focus after a while. And so I thought the 12-episode seasons of Homeland should be perfect! However, they started off great this past season, with some really tense episodes, and then it fizzled out back to the Carrie/Brody show.

  2. Kyle from Denver, Sorry to hear you are leaving. But, can I ask you why you would listen to a segment about Dexter, if you didn’t want to be spoiled? One note: That is why we provide the time codes in the show notes, so you can easily skip over a segment and not be spoiled on something. Hope you’ll come back. But, if not, thanks for listening.

    1. I am not in the habit of reviewing show notes before listening to a podcast. I load up my podcasts and go. At the time my hands were busy so I couldn’t even yank the earbuds out of my ears.
      Being a cord cutter I’m not always watching the most current episode. Furthermore I think there’s probably a large number of people who watch HBO and Showtime shows via DVDs and the like and are not current on those shows.
      On the plus side I did find your podcast useful in finding shows to watch. Thanks for pointing me to Arrow. I’ve really enjoyed it.

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